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2004 Honda City IDSi Fuel Tank drain plug

Started by dannyboyster, September 01, 2018, 01:03:44 AM

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hi forum members,
i'm planning to buy a used 2004 Honda City IDSI. It's been sitting in a garage for 2 years so i would like to drain the fuel before even starting the engine. Question. Does the fuel tank have a drain plug that i can loosen to let the fuel out? If not, i heard that this model's fuel tank is below the driver's seat while the fuel cap is at the rear left location. How do i siphon the fuel using a plastic hose if the fuel tank is far from the gas cap? Will siphoning work?


There are hand pumps you can use to siphon fuel out of the tank, best to use that. You wouldn't want to accidentally ingest old fuel right?

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