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Isuzu Trooper 4jx1

Started by Carlo_Z, April 09, 2007, 02:10:58 PM

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Good day friends. I have a 2002 Isuzu Trooper 4jx1 3.0Td. I brought this unit to Isuzu Davao for check up prior to poor acceleration speed, Isuzu Davao changed the engine Oil and so with the oil filter and air filter, they also changed the transmission fluid and transmission oil and repacked it. they advised me put much foot on the accelerator pedal then release a half then put another hard press on the accelerator in order to gain fast acceleration, which I was not convinced with. what might have gone wrong with my unit in which I could not get my old power being a 160 hp engine, please help me with my problem. thanks. 


it's really not a fast suv... you have to floor it in order to get some semblance of acceleration. and then when you do that naman you get a thick plume of black smoke out the back....

without seeing it mahirap magsabi, pero since you've done the basic maintenance na, it could be a sign of a more serious problem.
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Speedyfix, what would you mean such serious problems, I mean problems such as what? what could you advise regarding this problem?


4jx1 is crdi na (first gen), kaya maraming factors dapat tignan.

on the other hand, changing the oil to a crdi specific one (like from motul) MAY solve your problem. why not give it a try?


diesel fuel quality may also affect your Trooper's performance. as for our Trooper, we only have it filled in a gas station of one of the "Big 3" petrol companies in the country.


Was it like a general check up?

What did they say about the turbo? have the trooper reassessed on the crdi part and the turbo too. chances are the turbo is bad.
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problems with the injection system and turbo are not uncommon in isuzus. have those checked.
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2003 Isuzu Trooper 4jx1 3.0 liter diesel engine with skyroof here in Las Pinas, Philippines.  Bad engine after 100kilometers.  Engine oil and Diesel mixing together.  Nobody can fix it except dealers.  They are charging me P100k to fix it at least.  Is this engine flawed and what about the recall I've been seeing on the website.  PLEASE HELP ASAP.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Can somebody send me the RECALL NOTICE AND INFORMATION.  Thanks.

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the mixing of oil and diesel is caused by bad injector sleeve o-rings, which is a very common problem with the 4jx1 (this mixing can cause the engine to self-desctruck.. ouch.. search the internet you'll find lots of articles about this problem). there's a recall on injectors but i don't have a copy, don't know if the local dealer will honor the recall cause isuzu is still hiding these issues. Don't ask me how i know... BDTD....
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Hi guys! Need help. Is it okay to use replacement part for turbo charger? Does it last long? The brand new original part is so expensive, or anyone who knows where to buy a surplus. Thanks!


Since the Trooper is quite old, I think a replacement part would be the best alternative for you. You wouldn't want to buy an original part that costs half your car.

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