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Help me choose a crossover

Started by Muwu, January 13, 2021, 11:22:09 PM

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In the market for a crossover, and wanted to see what people would pick.

Factors that are most important include:

Ground clearance
Fuel economy
Maintenance cost


Hmm... cost-wise, you get your money's worth with the Coolray. Okay siya na sasakyan, sa totoo lang.

The Tucson is good, pero we're set to get the all-new model soon na din, so maybe you can wait a bit.

Others in the list are outright good on paper and pag na-drive mo na, but the cost, ah eh ah ah... medyo mataas talaga..

Honestly, a hybrid is top of my personal list, pero that doesn't mean to say na hindi din dapat paghandaan ang eventual maintenance cost.

Siguro hindi talaga nasagot ang tanong, pero I'm just giving out opinions based on what I've driven ;)


So, what did you end up getting?


is he still thinking what to buy? DA Shipping

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