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Left Rear is low, broken coilover part

Started by credezia, October 22, 2021, 09:13:39 PM

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Hello, good pm

New to the forum and cars.
Lurking here to learn more about cars and stuff, wanting to fix our fam car when repair the time comes, and here is a good time I suppose.

I noticed last night that the car was leaning more on the left side so I inspected that part, and found that this part is broken. Question would be, do we need to change the entire part or that broken piece can be bought separately?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you


Hi! Seems like the shock boot is broken, exposing the shaft to elements. It could have caused damage to the shocks. You can bring to a suspension shop to have it checked. A replacement shock boot can be purchased at auto supply shops AFAIK. Hope it's just the boot, but the uneven height is an indication of further damage.


Hi Brent! Good pm,

I've asked some auto supplies and they told me it's the boots that costs P120, but like what you've suggested, I'm also worrying about the lowered part.

I haven't brought it to any shop yet due to horror stories, do you recommend any?

Really appreciated your reply, thank you.

PS.I'm curious, do I need to lift the lowered part (using jack) or leave it as is while waiting for it to be repaired?

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