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Kart Trak

Started by Brent, December 26, 2002, 12:12:36 AM

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Carmona Circuit has a new track within the Metro. Its located in Boomland in Manila. Its just a short track, 450 meters long. But then again a few minutes of fun would still be good.

They have new karts, suits, helmets, glove and even shoes.

For 150 bucks you get 3 minutes track time.


cool.. can you bring yer own kart? :)


same old karts from Carmona?


Quote from: itchywitch on December 26, 2002, 05:29:50 PM
same old karts from Carmona?

Brand new karts with 4-stroke Honda engines equipped with Denso spark plugs and Shell lubes.


 :D :D :D

pero di pa yan rotax?


From what I've heard, their 200cc 4-strokes, just like the ones at Speedzone.  That's what I was told, but I ain't sure bout that.  Yeehaw!


My brother tried it out.  It's 150 for 3 minutes of running, I think.  The karts are like those in Speedzone, he says but feel slower.


Highspeed track daw siya as compared to Speedzone.  Bukas pupunta ako mga 8pm.  I hope it's worth the money.  Pao, tara!

Alan C.

It should be a fast track, all it has is a double S turn and then one big sweep...


San po iyong Boomland? Sorry for the ignoramus question. Thanks.


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ayee sobrang lapit lang pala e :) thanks


wow! lapit samin!!!!

sa eb punta kaya tayo dito after??


Finally tried it out last Thursday and yesterday.  It was pretty fun, but it felt slower than Speedzone.  Someone said that maybe it was because the track was wider.  There are practically only 2 braking points out of the 8 turn course.  It's the cheese curls loop and the turn after that.  Everything else is flat out since the kart is so slow.  Too bad they don't time your runs like at Speedzone.  You can't compare runs.  They say that they'll have competitions there too.  They will also be running KTs on February for 300 bucks for 5 minutes.  By the way, the price for running the regular karts is still 150, but they've increased the number of minutes from 3 to 5.  So it turns out to be a bit cheaper then Speedzone.  But, if you count the fact that you have to pay 50 pesos to enter BoomLand and 30 pesos to park... the price becomes insignificantly cheaper...
Fortunately, they'll be open without BoomLand (meaning they'll have an entrance of their own, so you don't have to pay the entrance fee of BoomLand) by January 13.
Oh yeah, one more thing.  You have to rent the balaclava.  10 pesos.


hehe...i was with alucard there last saturday. sayang nga they dont time their runs. the track is nice, wonderful actually. its like a mini-carmona, hindi mukhang fun-track...complete with burms and rumble strips...

if only the karts were faster  :'(

medyo magastos din, but i think i would prefer speedzone since its faster, more technical, and i like the suits and helmets ;D

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