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ENDURO Jan. 25

Started by johnadoo, January 16, 2003, 01:25:09 PM

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Whos joining? 6 hours enduro race at Carmona.  Im joining. ;D
Jan 25


"...there are things a driver has to do, today I must race..."


im still waiting for the details....ill keep you posted. ;D

alan c.

Is that the one sponsored by Bridgestone?


Ang bilis mo!  Maglalagay sana ako dito ng thread tungkol sa enduro!
I just came from a meeting with TRP.  I'm joining!  Hehe!  JP's lending me a suit and helmet, yahoo!  See you there again Johnadoo!  Switch ko na yung program ko sa gym into cardio para tumagal.  We are required to run at least 30 minutes.  But with only probably 4 people in our rookie team, I may have to run for at least 1 hour 30 minutes!  Di ko ata kaya yon.  This time, I will buy a rib protector!  Hehe!
By the way, where else can I buy a rib protector aside from Carmona?  I'm looking for Rib-Tec.  Carmona sells it for 3,500 bucks.  Does anyone know where I can buy it for a cheaper price?  JP only sells Sparco kasi eh.
Here are some details...
Race is 6 hours.  11:00am to 5:00pm.  Maximum 4 members for team if the team has at least one non-rookie.  A non-rookie is someone who has completed a single season of karting or more.  Rookie teams can only be classified as Novice class if all members are rookies.  Max of 6 drivers.  All teams have a minimum of 2 drivers (3 hours per driver!)
Mike Tuason won the Iron Man award last enduro race, which is the driver with the most number of laps.  He drove 3 hours!!!
The race is of course won by making the most number of laps.
What else?  Change tires as many times as you want.  You can't fix a kart on the track.  When your kart gets busted or if you wipe out and can't push, the marshall helps you put it on a kart stand, strategically placed in areas where you will probably wipe out.  Then you push it back to the pits. ;D
Max of 4 liters of gasoline.  Minimum 1 minute in the pits.  30 second punishment for spilled gas.  1st 2nd and 3rd prices are cash prize and trophy.  Cash amount depends on the number of drivers who register.
Here's a funny thing... launch is at the grid before start line.  Two people will help you push.  Drivers will be standing somewhere away from the kart.  When the green light goes, everybody runs to their karts to push! ;D Hehehe!
Entrance fee 2,500 bucks.  That's all I can remember right now.  I'll post anymore details if I can remember. ;D


gusto ko sumali!

but i dont have anything....suit, helmet, training (hehehe)
"...there are things a driver has to do, today I must race..."


hehehe....logbook, one step at a time....take a class first, if you like it, take the advanced course. then start buying your by one para ndi mabigat.  Thats what i did....and then join the ATMC para novice lahat kayo.  If you put your mind into it, you'll get there. ;D



i plan to take jp's class in feb (basic muna, hehehe)...then gear up for an advance class while buyer gear one at a time  ;)

tapos atmc! hehehe  ;D
"...there are things a driver has to do, today I must race..."


yan! tapos magkita-kita tayo dun sa carmona! ;D


yuck...ang sakit nyan sa kili kili...

unless maganda na kart mo ang init nyan sa butt....


im dreaming of the circuit enduro in subic...

sigh  ::)


yuck...ang sakit nyan sa kili kili...

hehehe...bakit naman sa kili-kili?  baka nman sa ribs? ;D  Uy, itchy kelan ka ba magka-karting? How was your run at Speedzone? ;)


haha.... :cwm2:
hindi ba masakit kilikili mo during the clinic?
sakit kili2 ko sa carmona karts...maybe cos my torso is short and my legs are weird ng fit ko sa seat...

but when i tried the rotax hindi sumakit any part  ::)
:P my butt likes expensive karts  :cwm2:

..wld u believe i havent gone to speedzone?
1st of all i want to go with slowpoke rodrigo cos im scared of bing just havent had the time....

i'll probably go one night...
wear shades...
change my name  :cwm2:

eh gaganda na ng time nyo eh  :-[


Wow, Itchy is a Marshal! This is Cyber Marshal Fragante, open the door demit!!! ;D
She's one of Benj's Cyber Storm Troopers now! Sturmtrupen Gestapo Achtung!

Hehe... sorry, matagal na akong hindi natutulog...
Anyway, we had a team practice for the race last Saturday.  JP made me use the same kart I did at ATMC.  Bad idea.  I ran over a burm and the seat hit me at the same place my ribs used to hurt.  Man!
To add to that, my teammates were running circles around me.  Iba talaga kung may sarili kang kart at nagpapractice!  Kung may pera lang ako, bibilhin ko na kart mo, Benj! ;D
I'll have to drive at least an hour.  I hope I last.


Alucard, im just much are you shelling out for the enduro?  Im backing out due to costs... there's only three of us, and i cant shell out 8k for it...that includes engine rebuild. Quite i just paid for car much is JP charging you guys? ??? :-[


I'm also wondering about the costs, I might be able to run with another amateur team but I have no idea how much it'll cost, aside from the 2500 entrance fee. 8K seems alright considering that I'm sure you'll have to use at least 2 sets of tires. Then there's the fuel, mechanics fee, etc. etc.
In a world of compromise, some don't.

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