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ENDURO Jan. 25

Started by johnadoo, January 16, 2003, 01:25:09 PM

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well that's what edgen said...8k including engine theres just 3 of us in the team...kaya cguro ganun.


Guys I thought many were joining? I didn't see any one of there...alucard, etc?

Anyway, the event was a huge success, 11 entries all in all, the biggest ever in Phil. endurance karting. I was teamed up with Cebu Racing Group's Jess Garcia and Blake Go, and also a Korean Formula driver named Peter Kim. We were doing good on the early parts of the race, however a string of troubles took us down. The engine eventually seized with only 50 mins left in the race. Sayang, but it was a really great experience  :)
In a world of compromise, some don't.


Benj, who won? Alucard didnt join too?  I thought he was training already?  I had to backout last minute talaga.  I just had my car budget to race :-[  So, how much did it cost you?  Pinagtyagaan ko nalang yung BitcharG ko sa bahay.... ;D


M&M team 1 won the event, the full article should be up in a few days  :)

I thought Edgen was going to run a novice team but he didn't pala. Guess you weren't the only one that backed out. All in all I spent 6T including the tires, mechanic's fee, and the kart rental. The oil and gas was supposed to be additional fees but my teammates from Cebu Racing Group took care of those items.  :)
In a world of compromise, some don't.


yeah we were supposed to be that novice team...but there were just 3 of us...even he backed out.  perhaps next time...darn. :P  Good for you, you spent only 6k.  Ok narin yun. ;D  Sayang si alucard, i wonder what happened to him?  Sana hindi naman nadamage yung ribs nya ulit. ???


Hi guys!  Sorry, been busy.  Yes, I backed out.  There was a family emergency.
Sayang nga eh, the TRP novice team won the novice class!  In fact, they were running daw at 5th place overall, meaning all teams including novice and expert, until the engine blew up at the last 15 minutes of the race.  I think they were even doing better than TRP's own expert class team until the engine blew.
The novice team was 7th overall, and the expert TRP team was 6th overall.

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