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downloaded mp3s

Started by nic, January 17, 2003, 10:31:26 PM

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nic, to answer ur question, yes there is a way to make the them sound equally loud. meron yun nero nitong feature.  ;D
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Thanks Andrew! I'll play around with Nero and try to figure it out


may mga gago pwedeng gawin na magburn ng 128kbps na song to a cd-r, then rip them again and convert them 2 192 kbps mp3 or even 320 kbps, so you cant be too sure what you downloaded may be the real thing. its quite frustrating. so better be safe. rip or copy from an original cd, or buy an original cd.


mga chong question lang...

pano ba mag convert ng wav to mp3?
gamit ko kasi Windows Media Player(XP). mas ok ba pag i convert it to mp3? ???
"race like there is no tomorrow"


"race like there is no tomorrow"


Quote from: pao_d on April 30, 2003, 04:31:09 AM
or wma to mp3?? ???

i think magkaiba yun wma vs mp3...  wma is microsoft's version of the mp3. and its a propriety  technology of MS. kanya-kanyang compression algorithm yan.  not sure, pero i think you can't convert wma to mp3. its either you use WMA or MP3... parang IE at Netscape. baka makasuhan nanaman MS kase bundled na with windows parang yun IE at netscape dati hehehe.

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if i remember correctly, you can convert wma to mp3. i think ive used one program that does this. well, theres another way pa rin..but mawala quality by a bit. turn on a sound recording program; play the wma; record; save as mp3 :)


"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs


Thanks chong! ill check it out  :)
"race like there is no tomorrow"

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