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yokohama advan neova

Started by chris, January 18, 2003, 09:26:43 AM

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just wondering, what is the recommended tire pressure for these tires  195/55/15

also are these good tires

im here in the states were its winter and its very cold

my tires spin so so easily, just by letting go of the clutch quickly,  this is done in dry pavement

even when im just rolling in 1st gear, and i step on it hard the wheels break loose

what could be the problem



i don't think that this tires were made for snow. That might be the reason why they spin on 1st gear
Enigz na lang for short


advan neovas are rain tyres. d b?


they're wet intermediates.

talagang madulas ang snow. ice cold pavement is even slipperier, believe it or not. pag snow kasi, parang sand. pag cold pavement, minsan may ice deposits and it makes the road very flat and slick. kaya pag sa race mas delicado pa yung bagong ulan kesa yung pag basang basa na.

suggest you get A/T tires if it snows where you live.


were in the US might you be?

I would suggest using Nitto rather than Advan Neovas in the US. In california we use Nitto's NT555 extreme for street races and so far it grips the road better than any other road tire I've seen.

If you have a wide budget and you really want drip, the BF goodrich dry tires are also good I've heard  ;)

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