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Started by VanMan, January 18, 2003, 06:47:56 PM

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I hope you guys laugh.  But is this the right place to ask about dressing up a van?  If it isn't can you please direct me to the right place?  

If I came to the right place, then is there anyone who has a van and who has dressed it up a little.  Do you guys have any suggestions what to do, what to get, where to go?  I have a Mazda Power Van.  :-[



if i have a van, i would set up my sounds system,and that would be a nice wheels lang cguro.

anyway,what do you want ba?where do you plan to start?or whats your 1st priority on setting it up?


nice sound system with dvd player and lcd monitor...probably put a gaming system inside...i.e. xbox/ps2... captains chairs....

pero kukuha ka na ng driver to appreciate your stuff while on the go ;)


for me lagyan ng tires n mags na almost sakto sa wheelarch, simple chin tsaka skirts, tsaka paint job na black ang secondary color for a sporty look ;D


if i have a van, i'd keep the paint its best possible condition. plus a set of custom leather seats, plus an a/v system and nice sounds kahet hindi mahsado bayo.


if you want to dress up a van, i suggest get wheels first... sa auto options marami...
yun lang palitan mo ok na...
then sa loob.. get leather seats interior and sound setup yun may tv...
mas maapreciate mo sa loob ang porma cuz nasa loob ka naman all the time.. hindi sa labas...
just my opinion :)


i saw a toyota lite ace complete with chins and spoilers, loud muffler, and a sticker that says "toy van".

para sakin, hindi sya ok. ::)

i will agree to the leather seats, entertainment system and nice mags...that's all siguro. ;D


i'd work on the interior first like fixing the entertainment system and make the chairs and stuff more comfortable  ;D

next time na cguro yung good set of wheels  :P
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Agree with Nikko_M and TRD_Corolla, upgrade the sound system first.

Just get a 40x4 and up Pioneer system to replace the oem Fujitsuten, even without replacing the oem speakers, it'll make a big difference.

And as TRD_Corolla recommends, work next on the front seats, the foam cushions get mushy after a year or so.

Take out the two rear jump seats and move the last bench seat to it's original retaining position, you can then rotate the rovolving center bench seat.

You can now work up the exteriors.


entertainment system at driver....para ma enjoy mo diba? ;) ;)


pwede mo din pacustomize yung interior mo and upholstery para magand tignan
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  I own a Toyota Liteace and I enjoyed it a lot kasi I have the space to build a booming sound system.  First, pina repaint ko, then yung sound system.  Bumili din ako ng chrome magwheels then I dropped it.  Kung may hydraulics lang ngang nabibili para dito d ako magdadalawang isip.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.  I appreciate this very much.

I think I'll go with the mags, leather seat covers, and the AV system.  Thanks again.

Gastos na naman!!!!!


Yup. It's an expensive hobby this thing we all are in. But then, it's our passion :)
Show us your setup when you're done  :D

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