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is there another way? side from kick panels?

Started by BlackBlood, January 23, 2003, 08:49:34 PM

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tagal na kasi nakatambak binili kong seps sa bahay eh, di siya kasya sa door frame. any suggestions paano ko maiinstal? yko mna pagawa ng kick panels, m saving up for engine mods. car is galant 90 6.5 seps
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just put the midbass sa doors then yung tweets, gawa ka ng way to install them sa doors, mas malapit sa mids, maganda, lower part ng doors in the corner pwede, but yung angle is subjective na, mas ok kung yung hu mo may 4-6-Channel Digital Time Correction to compensate for the placement


um..u can have ur doors fabricated but that would cost u more than kicks. kng ako sayo, its either u make the size of the holes bigger or kng kakayanin, put spacers. aside from that, wala nang way kungdi kicks.  ;D
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None.  Kicks are the only way to go.  Kahit naka signal delay ka...hindi niya kaya kopyahin ang angle which one could benefit from kickpanels.  Time alignment can only fix the arrival time ng sound not the angle how we percieve sound.  Kaya pansinin mo yung mga setup na walang kickpanels...there will always be a lack of depth, ambience, unbalanced soundstage, poorer tonal balance, poor stage placement, and unfocused image.  Pagka nagtime alignment ka naman, one side lang maganda.  Not necessarily na kailangan mo ng signal delay device...lahat ng HU meron niyan which is called a balance control. Pero if you don't care about imaging/staging and if you don't compete...mount them anywhere which sounds acceptable to you.  If you can fit your speakers in the kicks, go with it.

Goodluck! :)

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Best talaga kick panel pero if you want to try on the doors well you can. You might not achieve the sound to perfection pero lahat yan frequency travelling in distance to your ear and every seps have different characteristics.
Just remember nothing is perfect as long as it sounds good pleasing, your ear dont get tire after listening that should be ok. Just like buying ticket for concert sometimes your seated to the right sometimes to the left you dont go looking for center image, height or depth sa concert or jazz bars. So long as it sound realistic and tune right, you will achieve a little bit of depth,image, height unless you want to spend more and be perfectionist but just remember what ever you do to your setup you will never seat in the middle of your car hehehe :)  just my simple opinion hope it helps goodluck :)


 8)sirs....question po.....i have a 2 way boston ralli seps in front.......the 6.5" woofer is placed sa factory speaker on both doors...and the tweeter is placed at the back of the sidemirror (sail ba yon?)......

.....i was thinking of installing a kickpod.....pero the 6.5" woofer wont fit the kiks in front......

so i was thinking of putting the tweeter na lang on kicks....ok ba yon? will it sound good? sino kaya gumagawa ng kicks? tnx
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Kung same body ng Galant Gti yan, kasya yan. Bubutas ka nga lang. My Gti didn't have holes on the panels so I cut new ones. 6.5" will fit. Yung malalaking 6" , kasi sabi 6" pero 7" sila, will have to use spacers.

Setup namin nina George411 at Billabong nasa doors ang midbass at sa kickpanel ang tweets. A little tweaking and we optimized our imaging.

George's and my setup are at :

I did my kickpods but don't do it commercially. There are diy pics at the site.

You can call Joma for kickpod fabrication though. 09178737578


I and Boss Gino are setup that way.  It's better than having the tweeter further away.  Soundstage sounded more natural.  Atsaka kung ganun ang mounting scheme mo, one side pa rin ang depends where you tune it...kami ni Boss Gino siyempre nakageared on the driver side ang imaging.  I am using my balance control si Boss gino gamit niya yung dual gain knobs ng amp niya.  Both give acceptable results although pagkagumamit ka ng IASCA test disc para i-judge yung over all imaging and staging...sablay pa rin.  Pero it's better than mounting tweeters in the pillars or in the sail panels.  Layered tunog pagkanasa pillars or sa sails...dinig mo ang separation ng high and low vocals atsaka lalo na ang piano.  Cguro ok lang ang malayo sa isa't isa basta naka full active at time aligned individually ang components...pero one side pa rin ang imaging.

Yan nga ang frustration ko...I can't fit a 7" midbass sa kicks.  Ang liit ng kotse ko.

If your mids can play very high...up to 7k may want to try the coincidental pointsourcing mounting scheme na ginagawa ng mga competitors sa US.



 8)sir gino .
      naka corolla po ako ...medjo maliit yung floor ko eh....ganda ng kick panels nyo sir.....sige po i'll call joma and tnx for the cel no.......sana makapunta ka tom sa EB tnx.....

8)sir george,
      it seams nga lahat ng na audition kong sounds na naka kick panel maganda yung tunog ng music....
ano ba yung time alignment na yan? nsa HU ba yan? coz if so...parang wala ako nyan coz i'm using an old school alpine... :-\ :-\

tanong ko rin po if adjustable ba yung tweeter ko pag naka kickpods na sha? so that i can adjust it and find the best imaging.....
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Si Larry na bahala mag adjust ng angle niyan. But once the pods are finished, fixed na angle niyan.


 8)sir gino......i just texted him....di na daw sha gumagawa ng kick panel.... :-[ :-[ :-[ :-\
the SUN just BURST into ORANGES......


Other guys who make kickpods:

Mickey's Autosound 09175299309

DBaudio  09178126620


malaking ganda talaga pag nasa kicks kahit yung tweets lang. yung saken ako lang din ang gumawa. pero hindi siya fiberglass, improvised material lang ginamit ko. less than P100 lang nagastos ko including the paint. ;D
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sir billabong anong klaseng material ang ginamit nyo? saan nabibili?
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a "bighead" results 2 endless nothingness -- teaches humility.

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