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Which is better WMA? or MP3?

Started by -cardo-, January 23, 2003, 10:27:44 PM

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They have the same quality, as long as you record them in the same bit rate.  The advantage of WMA over MP3 is that the compression used is more efficient, that file sizes are generally smaller (about 1/2-1/3) so you can fit more tracks on a CD.  On the other hand, the disadvantage of WMA is that you'll have to compile your own CD's, since it's not a very popular format (at least here in the Philippines).  You'll have a difficult time looking for pre-made WMA CD's, unlike pirated MP3 CD's that have proliferated all over the place.


I agree. Stick with MP3s since this is the most popular standard. For example I have over 20GB of MP3s...hehehe..I use an Alpine HU that can read MP3 cds so I'm able to put at least 700MB of music in one disc. Beats the heck out of a cd changer..


cguro kung sq take mp3 tapos higher bit rate  :)


WMA is actually Microsoft's version of the MP3 format. Though Microsoft claims it to be better than mp3 in every way such as compresablity and space. And indeed it is more space saving than MP3. In the long run I think this is another ploy of MS to proliferate WMA with it's dominance in the software industry, much like what they have done to crush netscape with it's "bundled" IE4


pano po ung bit rate na sinasbai nyo?
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masyado technical ang discussion ng bitrate eh. pero to make things simple, generally, the higher the bitrate, the better teh quality. ususally 128 ok na, kung medyo mas gusto mo ng detail pa, 192 dapat sayo. hehe.

i use mp3. mas popular kasi eh. i have almost 40 gig of mp3's on my hard drives harhar.


same here, puro there's a much better format although, its very much secure called AAC. But then, for sound quality, nothing beats Ogg Vorbis. Problem is, not everyone is familiar with it, much less rip their CDs to vorbis format.

And the fact that most decks support mp3 and wma at the moment, but that would change with the expected wide acceptance of AAC as a standard for secure digital audio. Apple started it na.
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If you are after for the quality of sound go for WMA, for many songs, use the mp3 format.
For me I would recommend WMA over MP3 kasi mas maganda ang output ng sounds compare to mp3.
MP3 kasi is a lossy compression ang ginagawa sa data, may mga data na nadadamage pag-icocompress mo into mp3 format.
Pansinin mo maigi, ang mp3 more of bass ang tunog, hindi crisp, yung WMA on the other hand mas maganda ang output mas clear and crisp yung tunog, more of jazzy type.
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for me either one, as long as not less than 192kbps. pero ma sq talaga yung kanta, > 192 na. 128 is ok. 192 is good. kasi kung maganda system mo tpos puro 128 lang pnplay mo sayang din.


for me mp3 almost all players support mp3...


WMAs are superior in quality at the LOWER BITRATES. at bitrates of 192kbps, you won't notice a difference. if you can, use VBR encoding (variable bit rate) for the best quality of MP3s


wma sounds better at the same bit rate as mp3 kaso my h.u. cant read wma's  :violent1:

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Ordinary people, like me, won't be able to tell the difference between WMA and MP3.   

To explain it as simply as can be, WMA records the whole sounds range. 

MP3 records only the sound range that is audible to the average human hearing.  Sounds that are too high or too low are deleted.  That is why it occupies less space.

So if you have very keen hearing (like a dog), then you can tell the difference.  :thumbsup:


MP3 no brainer! as it is mode widely support music format out there, the good thing about wma is it has lower file size, but MP3 can also achieve lower file size just compress it not more than 128kbps...

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