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Are paint sealants worth it?

Started by tmc306, February 02, 2003, 05:07:45 PM

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hope someone can answer this:

i like to go on road trips with my ride, both on- and off-road. sometimes we go into the bush, and the grass and twigs can really do a job on your paint. most of the scratches disappear with a good waxing, but some stay.

a friend suggested i have my paint sealed for better protection against scratches, but after getting some quotes, i learned soon enough that hindi pala mura ito!

does anybody have experience with this? and maybe a recommendation?

i was also told that hindi dapat i-shampoo ang unit pag may paint-sealant.  ???


sealants function the same way as wax does; only stronger. they create a thin film to protect your paint. several coatings of good wax can attain the strength of a sealant. i dont think its worth getting your car sealed. as for the scratches, it really depends how deep the scratches can get. polish only hides the scratches and wax keeps it hidden. the reason why you can't wash the sealant with car shampoo is that because your sealant would tend to get thinner just as any wax would. go to theveed's site. it's very very very very very very informative.  ;D



Juan, thanks! and yes, the site you pointed out was an excellent source of info.

i'm inclined to not paint seal, and just keep up the waxing. never had my vehicles buffed tho b/c of possible burning of the paint with high-speed buffers.

but if you can recommend 2-3 reliable shops who know their business, and not overly expensive, i'm willing to try them out.

thanks again!


try out first station in edsa...
dun ko pinapagawa ang car ko when it comes to wax, buff and auto deatail... ok dun gumawa :)


1. Meguiars Kamias and Shaw
2. 1st Station is also Good
3. Theveed -> he does home service. he is the god of autodetailing in phil ;D dein ka pa dayain ;D contact him nalang. find his number/email sa site i gave. he charges less because he doesn't have rent to pay for. best of all, he does it just simply for the love of it ;D

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