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Registration and password

Started by Brent, February 05, 2003, 12:19:41 AM

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For those who haven't registered yet, please do so. Registered users are entitled to free personal accident insurance from Citystate Insurance.

To those who have registered but have not received their password yet, you can use the Forgot Password link after you click on Login in the menu of the board.

Or you can click on this link


pare hw can i register? to avail of the acc ins?tnx bro!


In a world of compromise, some don't.


uy pareng benj! :) tnx. pare nagpnta ako nung ignition e, mukang bz k e. pero d nko nkatagal, may pntahan p kz kme ng gf ko. nway congratz bro. success! :)


Yahoo mail users:

For those who have not received their passwords yet. Our mail server has been experiencing problems with yahoo mail, if you have other email addresses please use those.  Thanks.


may isang linggo na akong guest dito eh nag register na naman  ako eh! pero yung password ko d pa dumadating kay hinid ako makalogin ang username ko ay "Nondy" ang email ko naman ay "[email protected]" makikicheck naman oh :'(



Have you tried using the password retreival system at the top of the thread?

Sorry we have no control over your passwords and mail servers.

I can make a temporary password for you in case you still haven't received your password from the retreival system.

To all yahoo! users you haven't received your password, try temporary password: yahoo

I'm just in the process of editing your passwords, you can change it after logging in.


Brent, oo na try ko na yung pa user and pa email parehong ayaw gumana :'(


Brent, thanxs nakalogin na ako  :)


dear moderator:
i had already signed up with all of my three email adds and yet i cannot still access as a member. can you do something about it like cancel the previous data i have submitted and i will sign up again? even if i request for password retrieval, i could not log in also. i dont want to create another email add to sign up for this forum unless it is required for by the host service provider of the forum. thanks.

the other email adds are [email protected] and [email protected] thanks.


brent, pano mag-register tapos pano ako magkakaron ng chat #. thanks!


gc22, registered user ka na, the fact na kelangan mo mag login means registered ka na. As for chatting, just click on the chat button sa taas ng page.
In a world of compromise, some don't.


pano ako makakakuha ng icq #?



un need to download an icq program then install mo
pra maka kuha ka ng icq #

try mo search here

HTH!  ;D

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