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Benj or Brent, re: Speedzone Article

Started by splerdu, February 19, 2003, 12:45:36 AM

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Finishing order:

Castrol GTX
Castrol CRD

Sayang naman yung 2nd place finish namin! Bridgestone may have had an unlucky end, but we beat out Castrol CRD fair and square kahit beginners pa lang kami lahat at the time of the race (1:12 average time). If you need better proof, I'll have our team owner email you with a pic of the trophy.


Oops sorry. Sobrang tagal na nakalimutan ko na. Thanks for correcting me.

Thanks also for the extra info on the 1:12 average time. Added it to the article.

Again, my apologies.  :)

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