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question on alpine pxa-h900

Started by mike_parak, February 20, 2003, 02:24:22 PM

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yung outputs ang dami pero nalilito ako sa front outputs niya. yung front outputs niya is hiwhiwalay for each component:

L and R tweeter
L and R midrange
L and R woofer

pano kung gusto mag three way na utopia, pano kabit nito? would i 3 2 channel amplifiers to run the 6 piece utopia set? if yes, how will i know ano yung power na gagamitin ko? eh yung specs ng utopia is 100w rms. is the rms rating nito combined na?

help please thanks


may built in na crossover na tong alpine na to.

panong midbass input? sorry pero di ako marunong mag setup pag may sariling amp yung mga component speakers eh


yes....lahat meron...pati eq, time correction...etc etc...cost pagkaalam ko kailangan naka F1 status na HU ka rin.....add another 100k+++....

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