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Started by rtsport, February 23, 2003, 10:05:06 PM

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i have a galant '96 super saloon.

where can i have the 40,000 kms service maintenance aside from the casa?

can someone point me to alternative places that can follow the mitsubishi 40t service schedule - based on

i have a tight budget now...

i just acquired this car a few weeks ago. i want to have it checked...



anywhere u can do it ur self f u want? y make casa make many out of u? specialy when ur out of warranty na!? for me its just an up sell! why??? so guy like me can buy food 4 my family and built a race car! he!he!he! nothing special at 40K km d list u provided u can do most of it as far as adjustment u cant realy adjust much coz bka nka hydrolic valve lifter kna, idle speed kng nsa tma dmo n dpat galawin,ck belts,changes all d fluids, all filters including fuel filter,replaced plugs, cap & rotor, wires optional kong ok pa wag muna plitan,  rotate tires at d same tym ck ur brakes and suspension system ugain mo gulong side 2 side and tilt i2lak mo taas hilain mo sa ibaba habang nka angat sa jack (no play alowable on ball joint and tie rod end) dnt badder repacking d bearings its a sealed typ double rollers non serviceble. ck mo ung list nla majority nun ccngilin ka d nman gnagawa. note: only use original plugs cap and rotor at wires. good luck! 8)

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