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Desperate For My Civic's Emblems

Started by rainmaster, March 07, 2003, 05:43:36 PM

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Has anyone seen a big h emblem for the 99 Civic? It's like the one on the pic:

I have only seen one 99 Civic na converted to Euro pero di rin big h ang emblem nya. My friend says he saw one in Alabang with a big h emblem pero di ko naman mahahanap yun. Sobrang hirap maghanap. I would be more than willing to buy/order abroad if only I could find where to buy. Please, guys, help naman o. Sana specific answers kasi nalibot ko na Banawe, Alabang, etc. Kung meron kayo makita, I would be more than willing to buy it in a higher-than-usual price.

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