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4sale thread?

Started by chicco, March 17, 2003, 02:21:01 AM

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ey peeps, wat can you say about putting up or allowing threads for for sale topics? i think na ok lang din naman kasi mas marami ang makakakita at inquire about wat u r selling or buying at that. wat do u guys think? :)
Team Rage (Racers, Audiophiles, GEntlemen)


This talkboard is for the sake of discussion, not for selling items. That's why we have a 4sale section. The board is too cluttered as it is already to be including 4sale topics.
In a world of compromise, some don't.



aryt, tnx sir brent. :) i was just trying to suggest it to accomadate some FAQs of buyers and maybe to clarify things with some sellers. AI s a good discussion board and i dont think it that cluttered, maybe there are just too many topics and have very vague subject thats why its hard to organize. nwy more power, and tnx agn. :D
Team Rage (Racers, Audiophiles, GEntlemen)


may 4sale section tyo pare, dun k n lng magpost f u r selling something. :)

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