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congrats to LUWE!

Started by splerdu, March 18, 2003, 01:31:25 AM

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...for his excellent run in last weekend's slalom competition.

for everyone's information, luwe entered his bone-stock lynx ghia in the front-wheel injected class of the slalom races held last weekend at the pricesmart parking lot in ortigas ext. despite gobs of body roll and the deafening silence attributed to the total absence of exhaust roar, he managed to edge out tuned honda civics and corollas in his class, each of them tricked out with engine and suspension mods. as it's been said again and again: it's not the car, it's the driver.

did i mention it was his very first time driving in a race?

galing galing talaga! on a day when everyone was concerned about flash and donuts, he piloted his car cleanly and came out on top! i bow to teh master!

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uhhh the organizer lady told me that she thinks i *might* have won in my class.  but anyway, thanks dude  ;D

well then i hope i did win so that i could pay for the next leg of slalom hehe.
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alan c.

definitely it's the man not the car...congrats again luwe!!


DTNS in school


Congrats for a good start!



uy salamat!  sana maganda rin entrada ko sa RWYB... siguro bibiyayaan ako ng diyos kasi debut ko yun!  21 na ako sa april 6 hahahahaha
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