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Started by dude, March 30, 2003, 06:46:28 PM

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hey guys! anyone can give us more information on which cd-rs are the best to use? i use memorex cd r i think it has a problem with my changer. sometimes it wont read. do u think it might be the cd? or the changer needs cleaning? or the writer?

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maxell and philips cd-rs are what i use. try cleaning your lens, malay mo, at baka yun lang ang kailangan. ;)

btw, ano changer mo? writer mo?
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try cleaning ur changer first...

i'm using TDK... ok siya... Maxell is ok too but i don't like Philips.... :)


my writer is asus 32x with flexatrink pa! i really don't understand. baka nga changer cleaning lang. im sorry but yun philips na nabili ko hindi maganda kasi lahat ng binurn ko, towards the last 5 songs ayaw na magplay posible ba na writing at lower speeds would be better?? my changer pala is Alpine VPA S001 =) thanks

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am using pioneer hu so far wala namang problem with any brand of cd-r so it think u just need some cleaning of the lens


asus  din writer ko. tapos im using generic na cds. wala naman prob


Philis rin gamit ng friend ko.. same prob...
di ata maganda ang quality eh.. i think mas ok pa ang generic na cd compared to that....

try mo naman generic cds or TDK.. kung nandiyan parin ang prob palinis mo na ang cd changer mo.. i don't think na may sira ang writer mo...

goodluck :)


that's bec. philips doesn't make their cdrs anymore... they outsource it to a company (dang i forgot the name) that is known for bad quality cdrs.

i use all sorts sony, acer, ritek, verbatim audio plus, generics, and cdrw on my pioneer hu and no problems so far...

tama sila, try cleaning your lens first.
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I'm using Philips and haven't had any problems ever since. I've tried both the gold faced, green lettered ones and the pink lettered ones, no problem at all. I used Pioneer before, also very good, but quite expensive compared to Philips.
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Try the LG Digital Audio CD-R, its one of the better ones I've used. Record at a maximum of 4x speed only for audio CDs.


I'm using mitsubishi cd-r, its d company who makes verbatim cd-rs. very good quality, pero mahal rin, last time i checked it was P15 apiece.


you guys burn at 4x lang? how about the others? grabe ako i burn at 32x! pero tatry ko bagalan if ever may difference sa compatability with my changer! thanks for your replies!!

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Generic lang gamit ko. :) So far no problem naman on my pioneer HU. :)


1 simple question. Is your changer CDR ready?, bka naman old model changer mo kasi pag if it is not cdr ready mag reread yan at first tapos pahirap ng pahirap hanggang ayaw na. :)


my changer is yung alpine VPA S001 yung may vcd pero im not sure kung cd-r ready sha. do u know how i can check?

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