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what suits a bronco 2?

Started by bronco2project, June 07, 2003, 03:53:00 PM

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 ??? ??? ???    i really cant figure it out, i have a ford bronco 2 in the province and i decided to seap it with my car by this month.... i have the budget for restoring the bronco but i really cant decide who to make it look.... its 4x4 so having it dressed off-road would be kick ass..... but if i also make it look like a bad ass pimpi'n suv it also kicks ass.... guys i need you to speak out and give me pros and cons to weither what set-up i should go for... off-road or bad ass pimpi'n... ayt.... ciao!  ???  ??? ???


Why dont you put hydraulics in it and have 2 sets of tires. If you want the offroad look, raise it up and put on your 37" offroad tires. If you want, as you called, the pimpin' kick-ass SUV look then slam it down and put on the 23 inch wheels.

Sorry, I know that was a silly suggestion. But it has merit, doesn't it?


As much as I've praised many Ford products on the Off-Roading section, I'll always state facts...

The Bronco 2 doesn't have the drivetrain strength and reliability needed for fairly serious Off-Roading.  For this reason, it's not the preferred platform used by U.S. off-roaders.

It will provide more satisfaction in stock form or as a "street truck."

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