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portable cd player

Started by unknown, April 03, 2003, 09:09:02 PM

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salamat sa inyong mga info.. i think i'll buy the adaptor first just to try the sounds.... sayang kasi yung portable cd player ko. if i like it tsaka na lang yung gooseneck, medyo mahal kasi.... thanks!


pahabol.... tape adaptor lang ba way para maconnect yung portable cd sa stereo?? meron bang ibang way? sorry at la akong alam regarding this. thanks!


meron pa ang tawag ay FM Modulator. You have to tune the your stereo to the frequency of the modulator. usually sa 88 Mhz


Ways to connect auxilliary sources:

1) FM modulator - This connects to your source, then you tune your HU's FM tuner to a recommended station. Expect narrower bandwidth than cassette or cd.

2) cassette adaptor - Plug into your source. Cassette end slides into your cassette player HU. Expect better bandwidth than cassette but less than cd. Sometimes there is noise.

3) Aux in - Some HU's have auxilliary inputs. Some are auxillary ready and need adapters like Pioneer's CD-RB20. These are line level inputs direct from source to HU. Expect your source's best output.

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