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Bootleg CD? What does it mean?

Started by Raymond, April 28, 2003, 08:07:00 PM

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Minsan me nababasa ako 'bout these.

What does it mean?


if im not mistaken, these are cds that are sold illegally. they are more popularly known as pirated cds.
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Quote from: Billabong on April 28, 2003, 09:43:17 PM
if im not mistaken, these are cds that are sold illegally. they are more popularly known as pirated cds.

Ahhhh ... un pala un ... thanks for the info.

Sosy term pala siya for pirated CD's hehehehe.


meron pa bro...amature vids, ones shot at concerts...raw unedited tapes.....mga tracks ng recording na hindi ginamit....(expensive ones dati yung done by jemi hendrix)


any recording na unathorized by the recording label is considered bootleg...

eto yung term na ginagamit since 50's pa nung di pa uso ang term na "piracy"...

dati cassete tapes ang ginagamit  ;D
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Just want to share. I saw on tv (sa MTB ;D) that the term "bootleg" was coined during the time that alcohol was still illegal in the US. People would hide their bottles in thier boots to carry them around. Don't know lang how it got connected to recordings


becoz of the blues recordings nila robert johnson....blacks sold their records sa black market same time as the record label that tinawag na nilang bootleg



Bootlegs are unrecognized copies and some even marked not for sale. Usually these contain special recordings from live performances.

I had a bootleg copy of Oasis in an unlpugged performance which is really good. You can't buy it in stores, wonder why they didn't produce a legit copy.


bootleg according to encarta dictionary 2003

v. boot-leg  [bóot leg]
1. deal in illegal goods: to make, transport, or sell illegal goods, especially illegally copied or recorded material

n. (plural boot-legs)

1. something illegally made: an illegally made product, especially an illegal recording

2. illegal alcohol: alcolhol or an alcoholic beverage that has been smuggled or illegally distilled

3. FOOTBALL faked pass: in football a move in which a player fakes a pass, but runs on with the ball concealed next to the hip

nic , dude no.2 seems to be the right meaning to the illegal alcohol thinggy  :)
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bootleg--- in the music business means rare!!! it also means that its an independent make.

example-- Pearl Jam bootleg cds. mga live concerts nila they made cd copies and sold it at a cheap price ;)
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Bootleg - underground/ not sold in ordinary record stores/ home or specially own compilation/ not licensed./ usually illegal
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