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chillout,ambient and house music

Started by pao_d, April 30, 2003, 04:35:25 AM

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i love listening to chill and house(not hard house) music,
ano ba ok na albums? artist?  

thank mga chong!!
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Chillout Project...all of them :)

Chicane is also very good...
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the chillout project, lounge story, lazy sunday, annual chillout by ministry, ministry chillout seasion... the new club 8 cd and cafe del mars cd... you wont get wrong sa cafe del mar and mga ministry na cd... :)

Telepopmusic, afterlife, chicane, aim, bent, moby, orbital,Rae & Christian, rank 1 and zero 7

if you want mga chillout na parang alternative... better get coldplay album or the lazy sunday cd... :)


the original cd's of chillout project are EXPENSIVE!!!! i simply collect them in kazaa. here's a technique i use to find really cool albums. get one cool song of chillout project. for example, Autumn tactics. search for it in kazaa. find the other albums that contain that. for example if MOS chillout has that song,  then search for MOS chillout album..then u find other good songs :)


try searching Hed kandi. they have some good chillout compilation. download mo nalang sa kazaa


how many chillout project albums are out there? im not sure if i have the first one or second one.

ok red kandi(hed or red). i think they also made the winter chill albums.

i download some from kazaa pero minsan chambahan na lang. ;D i got songs like "saving mary" by fused and "romeo" by another artist (i forgot)  

Juan ill try your technique!

kbh i like zero 7 and afterlife. system f galing din. so is niki costa and sade. i prefer mga girl singers, mas chill.

sino pa ba ok na female artist or group with a female singer?
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mike aka cholo

Try to download songs from  the following artists:
M j Cole
Miguel Migs
Towa tei
TOmoyuki Tanak (Fantastic Plastic MAchine)
BEnjamin Diamond
Etienne de  crecy
G PArk
Jean Jacques Smoothie



try findin disco kandi 4 n 5 sa kazaa, or if wala, sa UM meron, 2 disc per volume.

try findin an original mix of chicane-love on the run, ok yun, kung wala, kahit yung normal edited version lang.

try this also: room 5 feat. oliver cheatham-make luv

mahirap maghanap ng electronic music sa kazaa, download winmx at, mas maraming choices dun, dami pang ministry of sound n hed kandi compilations 4 d/l!600+kb lang yung app, wala pang spyware!


peeps thanks sa suggestions!!! ill check the out! :) if you have more, keep it coming! :)
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Hmmm... Cafe Del Mar has good Chillhouse Mixes and so does the Ministry of Sound. I got them in Kazaa or if you want to find the pretty rare ones, you can use WinMX. It takes some time in WinMX though since it's not as popular but if you know what you're getting, you'll have no trouble finding it there ;D

A little OT: If you want to have a little more UP beat in the music you're listening to, I've gotten the Global Underground Ibiza compiled by Sasha. It is very very fitting for driving... well at least for me ;D

< jao >


Yung Alight collection, numbers 1 to 3 ok lahat! It's 425 each yata pero worth it! :D
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madami maganda na albums kung chillout lang pre
there is

bare essentials
gentle experience
blue room
coming home
naked music

and all the albums that have been listed above are great i listen to them every time i drive nakakarelax

or the after five series i just got them and i must say they are good set to listen to ::)


bohds tama pang relax while driving!! 8) after five srires bago ba yun?

KPY yup sulit Alight!!! my favorite! meron ako alight 1 and 2 lang. sige hanapin ko yung alight 3 sige ill ill check it. is this like kazaa? pero mostly dance, chill music? :)
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sorry di ko nasabay sa post ko awhile ago!! i might be flooding  again.. but i just listened to this album and sobrang sulit. just want to sahre it. guys check it out! album is called "ES VIBE IBIZA"- double disc  

"race like there is no tomorrow"

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