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video monitors?

Started by lancer765, May 01, 2003, 01:12:13 AM

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how much are video montors? i mean for the car... ;) dvd players? i read this article at car audio mag, they diy installed a ps2 on a car... galing... parang ang ganda gayhin since may ps2 ka na sa car, may dvd player ka pa... hehe diba? monitor nalang and tuner kailangan mo... does brand of vid tuners matter? sabi kasi sa akin minsan na ung mga cheap vid montors wont be able to recve as many channels as compared to pioneers and some other known brands...any truth to this? how much??? ??? ??? ;D ;D ;D

another thing, dapat ba pareho ang vid monitor mo sa head unit mo? im thinking of those monitor na monitor lang, not those monitor na may kasamang hu..mahal na ata un eh... monitor alone and if possble may tv tuner na din... para pa convert ko nalang ung hu to play vcd pwede na din.. hehe


the monitor na parang h.u cost around 40 to 50k...
i wuold suggest you buy Pioneer brand.. ok siya for monitors...
mga tuner it is seperate.... kailangan mo yan..
check out jetcar.. may ga promo ang pioneer ngayon..
may mga packages sila... it ranges from 60 to 100k...
up to you to choose kung ano gusto mo :)

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