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Started by < jao >, May 16, 2003, 11:01:18 AM

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< jao >

Hi Guys!

Question lang: if I use a high-volt preout as input to my amps, is there still a need for gain?

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There would be, but not as much as with a low-volt preout.  This would depend on how you listen to your music, or how your system is setup.

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yes, you still have to adjust your gains.
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Gain is there to match the voltage of the HU and the voltage input capability of your if you have a high voltage preout...your gain setting will be very low or in minimum.



hmmm  so kung 2v pre out ko and 2v lang ang amp ko dapat mataas ang gain setting ko?

gusto ko galawin gain and ibang settings ng v12 ko... taiwan... i wanna get the most of it....


a "bighead" results 2 endless nothingness -- teaches humility.


Nice article Billabong.  Very basic, but it does help you get the picture  :)

generally speaking, yup, medyo mataas yung gain setting mo.  then there's the volume range of your HU.  my HU for instance only goes up to 35, so with a 2v pre out, mataas-taas yung gain settings ko to compensate for the time i want to listen with my windows down.  if yours goes higher than that, then perhaps you don't have to raise your gain as high.

when tuning your v12, just make sure to watch out for clipping/distortion.

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