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Mags for 2003 RAV4

Started by < jao >, May 23, 2003, 04:43:13 PM

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< jao >

Hi Guys!

Just want to ask kung anong mags bagay sa 2003 RAV4. Ano mas ok, 17" or 18" without sacrificing ride quality?

Thanks a lot! :)
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18's porma...17's more practical

if i were you, get 18's, nagsisi ako when i got 17's

for sure papangit ride quality mo when you change to big mags  ;D
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in my opinion, hindi nagkakalayo ang ride quality and 17's and 18's pag same size ng tires...

if you get a 17's na mags.. you can get a bigger series na tire so mas ok ang ride quality but magmumukhang maliit ang mags mo if you get a bigger size...
pag18's naman bka kaya 50series or 55 sa rav 4.. pwede na ang ride in my opinion..

the ride quality will be different na mas matagtag talaga if you get a bigger set of wheels.. i would go for a 18's in my opinion.. just get a bigger series and dapat malapad rin kunin mo like 225 or 235 kung kaya :)

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