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Started by mvd, May 28, 2003, 07:43:51 PM

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guys tulong naman,
it's been raining these past few days and i was just wondering kung anung pwedeng gawin para maprotect ang paint ng car.


sealants will do... go to big berts, they seal car for protection :)

mga 3 to 5 months ata tagal ng sealant


Quote from: kbh on May 28, 2003, 10:08:09 PM
sealants will do... go to big berts, they seal car for protection :)

mga 3 to 5 months ata tagal ng sealant

wers big berts my frnd? thanks!  ;)


Quote from: NSR3 on May 29, 2003, 07:43:02 AM
wers big berts my frnd? thanks!  ;)

along araneta ave. yung dating redline racing. ;)


Big Bert's Professional Detailers is now having a rainy day promo.

The rainy season is here,  and once again, we're faced with a whole new set
of car problems. We're here to offer you two of the best value services you
can get for your car and your safety.

1) Do you experience wiper skipping, rain glare and poor visibility during
the rain? Our Glass polishing and finishing treatment will deep clean your
glass from all the grime it has accumulated for months. Everyday grime such
as tar, diesel fumes, acid rain, hard water, etc bonds to the surface of
your glass causing water to "grab" the surface. Even if you have the best
wiper blades, if the blades are wiping a dirty surface, you'll still be left
with impaired visibility. Prices start at P250 only.

2) Rainy season paint protection - Protect your paint for at LEAST 3-6
months from the elements unlike waxes taht can only protect until 1-2 weeks.
Prevent costly acid rain etches on your clearcoat that will permanently
leave a crater on your paint. Our German system incorporates a  fast and
safe paint cleaning system that prepares your car by removing oxidized
paint, light imperfections and contaminants, while our premium paint
protection sealant will seal your paint from the elements for at least 3-6
months. This is a ONE TIME process only, no need to come back for a
"retouch" until after 6 months or so. Prices start at P1,500 only.

Receive an additional 10% discount if you opt for both glass polishing and
paint sealing in one session. Offer good until June 30, 2003 only.

For more information, visit our shop at 14 G.Araneta Ave, Quezon City or
call 4150979 or 0917-8489098
BIG BERT'S Professional Detailers
Robbinsdale Bldg,
14  Araneta Ave., QC
Tel:  415-0979  742-7400

Ortigas Home Depot


thanks impulzz..
i tried diamond gloss from zeibart before, is the sealant process similar to that?

will waxing help?


Yes, DG is basically a sealant as well... waxing will help but will not provide the same level of protection as a sealant paint protection.

(keith, thanks)
David Lee Tong
Founder: Pinas Auto Detailiny
Co-Founder: Big Bert's Professional Detailers


yep.. DG is a sealant to.. i think it is way over priced in ziebart.. they charge you around 5k for it when you can go to big berts to just have it sealed.. same protection in my opinion.. gives you roughly around 3 to 6 months prtection depending on how you use the car :)

Big berts is located in araneta ave.. dating redline racing :)

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