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rear locker for a 4x2 pajero

Started by doc, June 01, 2003, 11:08:38 PM

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dudes! could anyone suggest a type/brand of rear locker for a  4x2 2001 pajero? the vehicle is  used to tow a pair of jetskis and occassionally gets stuck in the sand when backing up on the beach or when the trailer has been hitched and has to put them out. the  tires are still the stock bridgestones.  will a locker on a 4x2 be of any help? any locally available ones for a pajero?

thanks ;D ;D ;D



ARB may have a locker for your Pajero.  However, my International and American application chart only shows ARBs up to the 95 model year Pajero with 28-spline axles anf disk brakes.

Check with local dealer such as RATS.


I think , in my opinion driving in sand to launch jetski, the lockers will not that much help, because lockers can be appreciated when the terrain is uneven that requires great articulation and having some tires on the air.

Your stock tire is ok for sand as tires for sand needs lots of flotation.  MT and Swamp tires needs a lot of engine power to become effective on sand, otherwise it will just dig in.

wolf den

Hi six,

in continuation of what sixpack mentioned, even with a rear locker it wont help your PAJ getting out of that predicament you mentioned because of the drive distribution is all in the rear. may i suggest you just buy and install a winch in pulling the Jet ski out of the water or sand. im assuming you already have a wheeled plastic cart for the ski. The winch will cost you a little more but it makes jet skiing a lot more enjoyable.



Your point is valid if both rear tires remain on the same level all the time but, with an open diff, one side digs in deeper than the other.  Oftentimes, it is the right rear tire that will keep on spinning when straight and varies when turning.

I've driven on sand quite often and this is what I've observed-- especially before I lincoln locked the rear diff of my Canter.

Aside from paddle tires, the best tires for sand are wide all-terrains or Mickey Thompson Baja Belteds.  On a 4x2, money can be saved by just running these tires on the rear.


Results could be different on your Pajero.  But, to test my point and to save you the expense of buying a locker if it won't help at all...  Accelerate your 4x2 Pajero on sand to the point of nearly getting stuck....  Check if both rear tires continue to spin in unison as they dig in...   If only one tire spins and continues to dig then a rear locker would certainly help and I believe it will.

On turns, the inner tire will tend to lose traction first whether on wet pavement or sand so, in this case, a rear locker would definitely be a plus.

For the reasons I mentioned above, sand driven Pre-Runner trucks, Trophy trucks and sand rails are almost always locked or spooled even if they're just 4x2.  A rear locker is even an option on 4x2 Pre-Runner Tacomas.

So, there must be a reason why real sand runners and professionals lock 4x2s. :)

Of course, having a rear locker in a 4x2 still doesn't guarrantee that you'll never get stuck. :)

Good luck.

P.S.  Low (10-16 psi depending on tire type) tire pressures, as mentioned by Drexx, is a must.


01Jun2003 (UTC -7)

Here's what happened when I got stuck and activated the front and rear diff lockers:
I had to back down from a steep height of more than four floors, with my wife and kids inside!  ;D

I just dug myself deeper into the sand. The key is to lower your tyre pressure for better traction --even after you get stuck. And of course, a powerful air compressor is better and cheaper solution than a rear diff locker for a 4x2.

Other sand driving tips is not to brake suddenly on sand --just roll to a stop, so as not to build mounds of sand in front of tyres. Use 4Lo also, as you need lots of power for your open diffs (only center diff-locked for full-time 4wd). And whenever possible, park facing downwards to you can later use gravity to start moving forward. And sometimes it's good to start in 2nd gear so your tyres don't break loose when trying to start to move.

Drexx Laggui  -  TLCA; PMC
San Jose, CA, USA
My off-road action! UZJ-100W; FZJ-80L; HDJ-80L; LN-166


I think wolfden's suggestion is best for your purpose.  There are different kinds of sands and each have different approach.  I think it would be best that you left your rig out of the sand and use the winch to pull the pair of jetski.

wolf den

Stick with the winch doc, my suggestion is 1st hand experience.  8)


That's all cool...

Right now I'm on the phone with Baja Champion Ivan "Ironman" Stewart and advising him that his 2wd Trophy Truck should be kept out sand...haha... ;D

Yup... all those locked and spooled 2wd Pre-Runner drivers are just asking to be stuck... ;D

Hmm... I guess Toyota should have never sold Tacomas and 4Runners with the Pre-Runner package and the rear locker option....  ;D



All of the statements above are correct,  I too owned a jetski, and there are beaches where you can launch it on 2wd and there are also which you cannot, even with 4x4.  I've tried it even without a jetski, my Y60 with lockers activated set to 4x4 low range, AT tires still got stuck on sand and i have to use my winch.

Now, I mostly use the winch, aside from not getting my rig stuck, It also prevent those salt water from hitting my vechicles.



Got your point, pare...

And, I'm not disputing you.  However, I would rather focus on making a 4x2 truck perform off-road, given its limitations, rather than saying it can't.  What can we do?  That's what he has.

Doc's original question was just that and I simply answered it.  Yes, a 4x2 will never perform like 4x4--especially on slow, muddy and rocky trails-- but, on sand, it can to some degree.  But, you gotta know what you're doing and what's needed.

No one uses 4x2s for hard-core rock crawling but there are, literally, hundreds (if not thousands) of people who play with 4x2s on sand.  

I didn't pull my ideas out of a hat.  Lockers, wide AT tires and low tire pressures (this is critical but often ignored) are the universally accepted pre-requisites for sand running with a 4x2.

I never said a winch was not needed but Doc's query only mentioned lockers and tires.

If someone says, "Teach me how to swim..."  We shouldn't say, "Stay out of the water..." ;D


...thank you wolfden, sixpack, johnq, drexx !

first of all, they (pajero and jetskis) are my cousins toys. i will advice him of the lower air pressure and the wider rear wheels.  i thought that if i have two rear wheels working id be safe but from your feedback they are no guarantee .If the arbs are the only ones available for this vehicle then because of its price i would  go for the  winch

how long are winch cables and what winch model ( or rating) should be appropriate for a twin trailer?  i will check out the weight  in the coming days.

maraming salamat


Most winch cables ranges from 100ft to 150ft.  Sometimes it's short to pull a jetski that I bring extra rope.  For a pajero, I''ll get at least 8000lbs, that way you can use it for both the vechicles and a pair of jetski.

Sometimes I only use the rope and pull the jetski with the vechicle.

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