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What SoftWare do You Use foR RipPing?

Started by WaZ, June 26, 2003, 11:46:52 PM

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i use musicmatch 8.0. i convert audio tracks to mp3pro. this is a new format. 64kbps lang cd-quality na siya. only musicmatch and strangely nero burning rom can play this at cd-quality. play mp3pro in other players, it will be treated as 64kbps. musicmatch has its own burning tool or you can use nero.


can i used musicmatch ba to rip yun audio lang ng dvd concert?

may dvd kasi ako na gusto ko irip lang yun audio...

target output will be mp3 or wma so i can play it in my hu.

thanks po


U can use a combination of SmartRipper and DVD2AVI to separate the video and audio of your DVD.
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thanks po sa suggestions.

i also found this link:,24330,3014958,00.html

may suggestion din sila...

tignan ko na lang po w/c is easier/faster na combi...

salamat ulit


Quote from: kalachuchi on July 19, 2003, 03:25:34 PM
try db poweramp :) you can find it at

i also use db poweramp... good ripper plus it can rip your wma to mp3, but you have to install the codec for it. it is free  8)

milyonaryo na gipit

u can use mp3pro by pinnacle...u can choose kung wat type of mp3 u want saka pwede mong edit yung mga mp3 like putting some effects or fixing those irritating flicking things.


So which is the best ripping software? I'm quite particular with sound quality.

I'm going to use the tracks for my PC while working and burn some for the car just for the heck of it coz the head unit can play MP3.


EAC using LAME encoder... PM me if you need details ;D
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guys how about from wma to mp3 what software do you use? thanks  :)


i also use musicmatch to rip cds.  pero winamp 5 also has ripping and burning capabilities na rin.  pero up to 2x speed lang kapag free version, tapos yung full na you have to purchase, up to 48x


i'm just using yung save tracks sa nero burning rom...

i think ok naman sya eh... i've got plug-ins for different codecs.... most importantly, maganda jitter correction nya.

supported format with my plug-ins:
asf, wma, lame mp3, pac, ape,  mpc, mpp, mp4, ogg, ofr, aac, rm, ra, shn, spx, vqf, wv, fla, flac
If you don't have anything to do, don't do it here!  ;D :P


OT: cda to mp3 and vice versa ba yun EAC?


As of now, me using the latest version of Freerip, v2.

It now supports ABR (average bit rate) and VBR (variable bit rate).


Quote from: WaZ on June 26, 2003, 11:46:52 PM
what software are you using for ripping only ,
for converting music from audio cd to mp3s?

iam using audio catalyst before but when i switch to winxp the program didn't work na :)

what software can you guys suggest ty  :)
i'm using E-Z CD-DA extractor... 8)


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