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Painting Dilemma

Started by msuwa, July 21, 2003, 09:22:42 AM

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 :-[ I am a DIYer pagdating sa painting yes I know how to paint and do some minor retouch. But my problem is my apint do not match the original color. thats indeed the same paint I used before when I do some retouch. Is it because orignal paint fades? Is there shops in Manila that provides computerized paint matching? Para pa timpla nalang ako sa kanila.. thanks peeps chk photo here:


kaizer silver ang stock color nyan if i'm not mistaken.

i never had an issue with repainting before using that same color.  although di ako ang nag paint.  pero i've had my car painted twice due to accidents. i think 5 panels na all in all ang napintahan ng same color on 2 different occasions, 1 was done sa casa and the other sa ibang talyer pero na ma-match nila yung color.
aka Wrecker


Yup Kaiser Silver nga sya. Yun Nippon brand ang binili ko. :-\

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