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120 minute track

Started by El, August 09, 2003, 11:23:46 PM

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paano kaya ito isplisplit into two audio cds?

any software required??? thanks :)

atsaka meron bang 160 min na cd???

if meron saan nakakabili?


I'm not sure of 160 minute CD's. There are , however, some 90 minutes ones. Can't remember who produces them, although I have not tried it yet for quality and reliability. Some experts say that 74 minute CDs is the best for good and reliable recording. CDs with 80 minutes stretch it and CD's with 90 minutes really put it in the borderline of quality and reliability.

For splitting the audio, there are a lot of audio editing tools free over the internet. If you currently have Nero, there is a program that comes with it for you to edit the audio so you can split it up. HTH :D

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