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Latest cd you bought?

Started by walhalla, August 28, 2003, 10:43:05 PM

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Quote from: R-A-Y on August 03, 2006, 08:49:59 AM
Haha akala ko ginaya mo yung binili ko eh hahaha ;D

Bought Ministry of Sound: Summer's Guide 2006
Hed Kandi Disco Heaven 53 (can't remember the number ??? )

haha! i was having second thoughts on some of the songs in hed kandi cd. but i like the first song on disc 2 :) i'll check out the ministry of sound on friday and the hed kandi cd again. ;D
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Could you help me find the kind of songs in the CD of Michael Buble "It's Time" and Nora Jones (i do not remember the Title but i know it comes with a DVD)?

Please recommend one..... thanks people................
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hey guys,

have you heard of hidden beach recordings presents: unwrapped?

its sort of a jazz/instrumental version of many hit songs, mostly r&b and rap.

some examples are rock the boat by aliyah and candy shop by 50cent.

would any of you know if these cds are available locally?


Got the new Hed Kandi Beach House, don't really enjoy it too much. Also got serve chilled (don't know which volume), this was much better than the Beach House :)
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Guys, this one I didn't buy, but do download them off the Internet:


Any of the Bargrooves albums from Seamless Recordings is just worth downloading. In particular, Bargrooves: Frosted and Bargrooves: Espace Prive.

Disc 2 of Frosted is

without a doubt the ALPHA house mix

I agree ;D My out of town trips have never been funkier ;D


Ministry of sound:

Clubbers guide 2006
Trance Nation 3
Maximum bass

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Didn't buy, but downloaded... ever heard of Tycho?

It's pretty cool... Kinda like a chill-out-trance sorta thing... know what I mean? Like a mellow Daft Punk, in my opinion. Worth a shot.

Recommended song:  "Systems"

You can't download it off the site, but you can listen to the songs. Download via Limewire.
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Bought Es Vive Ibiza 2006

3 CDs:
First CD is a chillout CD
Second is called the Base Bar
Third is the Electronic Cabaret

First CD is good :)
Second CD is quite ok, although you can get tired of it
Third CD, I dunno. Maybe I'm just not feeling it. You can listen all the way to Track 4 and then stop the music. It's a bit too electronic, with some of it sounding like an old NES game. Maybe I'm not too much into the music scene? ???


album of Kami nAPO muna opm apo hits revival ganda din :P
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I just got

Hed Kandi Presents: Swing City

3 CD track that is just lovely :D I bet even my mom will apppreciate its Bossa Nova-ish beat :D



Fierce Angel Presents: Fierce Angel ;D

Finally, Mark Doyle has released his first compilation of his hand picked songs that should be rocking our dance floors, and man, it's an awesome collection :D

3 CD's of nothing but pure quality music :D It's not a mix, though (I love mixes just because the art of stringing together songs is something I give major credit to DJ's) but the advantage is, you can mix it on your own since most fo the songs are full 12" mixes.

Just awesome :D


Fashion TV .....  :)   Really great trance mix!

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