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synthetic winch rope?

Started by drexx, September 01, 2003, 04:02:00 PM

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01Sep2003 (UTC -7)

Hey! Does anybody here use synthetic winch rope? Like this:

If yes, do you like it?
Drexx Laggui  -  TLCA; PMC
San Jose, CA, USA
My off-road action! UZJ-100W; FZJ-80L; HDJ-80L; LN-166


One of my off-road buddies just got his synthetic wire rope,  I'll keep you posted when we get the chance to test it.


i have  talked to randy norris of warn (international sales) regarding their own synthetic rope.  and this is what i got from him.

advantage - light weight, less likely to tangle, can put longer rope on some winches, and best of all it doesn't cut your skin.

disadvantage - not good on rocks. it tends to cut easily on rough surface.

must use polish hawse fairleads.  can't use the usual roller because it usually get caught in between the rollers.

i know some of the isabela boys are using it.  

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