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KICK *SS Sony Digicam DSC U20, U30 & U50 ultra compact!!

Started by BlueRay20, September 13, 2003, 08:22:22 AM

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i think U20 or U30 is better for d regular joe..
unless ur planning to be a professional photographer and earn a living out of it, 2MegaPixels' quite sufficient.

Unless of course ur planning to blow up most of ur shots to 11'x9' or higher print formats..

For the regular joe, portability should be his primary concern because, if not, he wouldn't like to bring that huge ass camera everywhere he goes like movies, gimmicks, etc.. he'll look like a professional photographer instead of a stud.

BTW, Sony's U series is so small u could put it in ur shirt's pocket.. even smaller than most PC Mice. ;)

hmm.. that made me salivate.. :biggrin:

question on the side,
1) what's the diff between U20 & U30? (small price difference lang in the US and I know they're both 2MPxl w/o Zoom)
2) How much is the U30 locally? (sa states, its $180 and P10k ang U20 sa PC Options) and where can i purchase it?  kahit 2nd hand ok lang.

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