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Latest cd you bought?

Started by walhalla, August 28, 2003, 10:43:05 PM

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Janet Siedel - Midnight Jazz Lounge, also for relaxing music.


Bong Penera
Batucada sa Calesa


eagles xrcd
police sacd
very good for sq!



OT: i found one of my old discs last week. 1991 ko pa ata binili.

classic "Car Audio Selections", test cd for SQ and SPL.
meron ba dito that uses this disc too?  :)


Fashion Beat: Music for Stylish People

Turn your living room into a swanky bar and lounge with just 275 bucks! The melodic nu jazz flavor coupled with some deep house beats makes sure that you find yourself suddenly leaning into your couch holding a nice glass of merlot ;) The quality of recording may be horrid for the audiophiles but then this is mostly the case for those deep house sounding CDs in where what matters more is the experiencing of the tunes. Best enjoyed when you can fill our house with friends and acquaintances almost to the capacity of a small spanish restaurant ;D

One of the best CDs I have bought so far. And it really only costs 275 bucks :D try getting it in Music One ;)


dashboard confessional  ;D



311 Greatest Hits ;D

sana i release agad locally ung Pearl Jam (Live at the Benaroya Hall)


Celso Fonseca - Natural (Relaxing music, sulit pa at 375!)
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out


where can i buy test cd's both for sq and spl?


Best of Chesky
The Corrs (MTV unplugged)


Gerald Albright - Kickin' It Up


Quote from: nikko_m on August 11, 2004, 12:42:04 AM
where can i buy test cd's both for sq and spl?

Kung Focal CD's meron sina Mickey. I'm not sure kung orig. or copy.

Tapos iyong iba eh not really test CD's, like iyong kay Clair Marlo. Naturingan lang test CD dahil sobrang ganda ng recording :)


May mga audiophile collections din ang Chesky Records. Actually any recordings of theirs are distinctly quality made :)

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