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Started by clyde, October 21, 2003, 12:24:12 PM

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Quote from: butch11a on August 10, 2006, 02:33:07 AM
mahal talaga tools kaya ako basic tool set lang eh.... btw migs saan yung y2k tool stores?

basic pa yun? di pa kasama yung mga sinadya mo?


Quote from: ~M~ on August 15, 2006, 03:04:20 AM
basic pa yun? di pa kasama yung mga sinadya mo?

wala pa kasi gumagawa ng ganun kaya i make my own special tools  also...... 


Quote from: hansonchua on August 18, 2006, 03:00:51 PM
go to panda nga... super complete sila... my uncle owns the store kaya bias ako.hehehehe

ano po contact number? looking for something similar to the bead form tool



Use KYK,Daiden or if you want cheaper but good quality go for made in india.Not as good looking as the pricey ones but the quality is great.Also those that are made in china is good.I use my tools for engine overhauling and vehicle assembly/repair so I know they are good.
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guys, any idea how much it'll cost for a set of basic tools? kahit ballpark figure lang. thanks! :)
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Quote from: matchbox on October 06, 2006, 07:01:31 AM
guys, any idea how much it'll cost for a set of basic tools? kahit ballpark figure lang. thanks! :)

if you have time to spare and dont mind a little average to low quality, you can take a look at divisoria or recto hardwares for cheap tools that with a rough ballpark budget of 2k, you can have the basic tools that you will need to tackle simple car wrenching

hey guys, ive been trying to find 1/4" socket set that includes long or deep end sockets but with no luck, got any tips as where to find it?  thanks


April 09, 2007, 11:08:55 AM #51 Last Edit: April 09, 2007, 11:18:51 AM by clyde
Hello gentlemen,

just to give a quick insight of some basic tools cost. this is basically my other set of tools i purchased very recently which i find very usefull when maitaining my jap ride for the last 11 years or so. some of which are not included though, i.e. torque wrench, timing gun/light, digital multimeter, presurized brake bleeder, valve train tools, engine block specialty tools, jack stands, crocodile/hydro jack etc.

almost all of these are in metric sizes.

all items approximately cost me 23k.

all sockets parts are Koken brand, Japan made www.koken-tool.co.jp
3/8" Drive Socket set(mm)
1/2" Drive Socket set(mm)
1/2" Drive 14/17/19mm Impact deep socket
1/2" Drive 10/12/14/17mm 6pt. Deep socket
1/2" Drive 10/12/14/17mm 12pt. Deep socket
Vice grip- longnose type
Vice grip- regular type
Open/close wrench combo set + optional sizes (18,20,21,23,24)
Hazet 10/12mm combo box wrench
Hazet 14/17mm combo box wrench
Wire stripper tool
Flat stainless steel pallet
Trouble Light 220v/60w
Soldering lead
Soldering gun (30/60W)
Soldering iron (15W)
Aligator Clips/wires
Stanley/ Rubicon +/- Screw driver set
Feeler guage
Sparkplug gapping tool 0.015" to 0.045" (0.381 to 1.143mm)
Impact chissels
Tool Box
3M electrical tapes
Plastic Cable Ties
Shrinkable tubes
cloth Hand gloves


Mga Experts

Ilan ton na jack pag sa mga sedan and SUV?

Tapos dun sa tire wrench ayaw ko na mahirapan pag na-flatan. Yung sa akin kasi yung basic lang wrench lang na talaga kapagod magikot. May nakita ako binebenta sa raon na nasa tool box tapos madali lang gamitin. Ok ba yung sa raon or ok na yung sa SM malls?



for my car i use 2ton jack and i use jack stands too. im guessing 2.5tons atleast for an suv..coz we use a 3ton jack for our heavy duty truck at work


pag tire wrench ano ok?

eh yung binabaril para tangal agad gulong ok ba yun? hindi ba nakakalosse thread yun?


maganda yun mas mabilis mag tanggal ng tires. meron nabibili na battery eh tapos pwede palitan yung torque pero medyo mahal. kung ako kahit normal tire wrench na lang pwede na. minsan mo lang naman tanggalin ang tires eh kaya bili ka na lang ng torque wrench kung kelangan mo sa specs yung tires.


snap on is the best dude, thats the one were using for  maintaining the aircraft lifetime warranty pa .ive used facom ,cratfsman  :thumbsup:but nothing can beat snap on......


snap on is the best but pricey. craftsman may lifetime warranty rin.


why not try Stanley tools.. i love to use them :thumbsup:
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November 02, 2007, 02:34:54 AM #59 Last Edit: November 02, 2007, 07:53:05 AM by aid03
i got the stanley 201pc mechanics tools. i use my tools from work if i have to but the stanley one should get me going and its fairly cheap compare to others.  :thumbsup:

i used to have no name brand tools and it sucked! taiwan tools suck it says stainless but it rusts and magnetic as hell!dont buy cheap tools after a few months it will start breaking on you. you think you saved money but you'll end up replacing them piece by piece.

note: the best tool in the whole wide world is a friggin rubber mallet. it comes really really handy if you don't have air tools