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Title: smoked d15b compressor solutions/recommendations
Post by: isay on January 07, 2010, 06:25:06 AM
My sir, the ac compressor of my d15b literally burned out yesterday. As in smoked.
There were no prior symptoms except from the noticeable usual comp noise which I only heard 15 mins after driving from cold start.
I had no choice but to cut the compressor's fanbelt since running it further could risk my engine hood to no good.
The car now runs as normal except that I had no choice but to run with windows down.
Wala pa namang tint yung car, and tanghali ang biyehe ko pauwi so you can imagine yung init that fries me.

History prior to breakdown:
August 2009: Aircon system cleaned. Drier, evaporator and fanbelt replaced. Oil and freon refilled
October 2009: Relay/electrical repaired. High temp hose replaced and freon refilled
November 2009: Condenser aux fan replaced
December 2009: Clutch bearing and shaft replaced due to usual irritating compressor noise
January 2010: Compressor broke down smoked

* * * * *

It was maintained by Ceejay's and they did very good satisfactory service.
Still, the fact remains that my compressor is already dying (they recommend it be replaced already bu I didn't have extra money for that) and since I already got the Civic with the d15b swap on, I really had no idea since when or if the compressor has ever been replaced since 1995.

A friend told me to replace it with Sanden (yung pang Accord) but the bracket has to be modified.
I had no idea what brand is my compressor but if ever it aint repairable, I might buy that Sanden conversion thing since I know Sanden is repairable.

I lost hope for my compressor since aside from its unknown age, it was smoked and several of its parts have been replaced already.
Ayaw ko na siya tipirin this time but I have to consider reasonable budget, so I would be happiest if ever it still can be repaired.

I have read related threads re compressor repair here in AI but I think this is an isolated case.
I hope I did't duplicate any existing thread.

Any thoughts mga guru/sirs? Thanks in advance for your advice....
Title: Re: smoked d15b compressor solutions/recommendations
Post by: Emong3 on January 07, 2010, 09:01:04 AM
stuck up compressor - for replacement na yan.
Overhauling it may cost more than a surplus one. Just find a fresh surplus compressor for your engine.

converting to compressor from other engines is not advisable because it will require fabrication.

naka bili ako recently ng sariwang compressor sa evangelista, 3500 lang.
Title: Re: smoked d15b compressor solutions/recommendations
Post by: kaskasero on January 07, 2010, 09:04:33 AM
i had my compressor replaced sometime last year. the shop and other suplus shops didn't have the exact model so they had to fabricate an adaptor so that they could mount it. it works fine so far. i guess what's important is that the compressor isn't too big for your engine.

brand new is better in the long run but as long as the surplus shop would give you a warranty it's a good option too.
Title: Re: smoked d15b compressor solutions/recommendations
Post by: isay on January 07, 2010, 11:36:02 AM
Thanks for the replies sir.

10-12K daw yung bagong Sanden compressor pang Civic.
7K daw yung brand new pang-Accord, plus labor/parts for fabrication sa it amounts almost same as above din yata.

You're all right.
I'll shop for surplus compressors.
Thanks for vindicating my choice. :)

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I wish I could tell what's fresh and what's busted.
Para palagay ang loob, sa trusted aircon shop nalang po siguro pupunta.
Salamat po sa mga reply.