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Started by caleb, May 05, 2005, 03:20:10 am

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Hi.  Question lang sa mga peeps na nakikinig ng mga classical music. Mejo baguhan lang ako.  Can you reco Beethoven CDs? What are other essential musthaves?  Thanks.

sonic boom

Beethoven, Strauss, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, etc....

sa modern-era classical music naman:
Stanz Getz (he composed "Girl From Ipanema"), Liberace, Vannessa Mae, Yanni
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Check out Mozart's "Requiem" and Karl Orff's "Carmina Burana". My personal picks from each work are (from Requiem) are Requiem Aeternam, Rex Tremendae Majestatis, Confutatis Maledictis, Lacrimosa Dies Illa, Agnus Dei and Ave Verum Corpus; (from Carmina) O Fortuna and Omnia Sol Temperat. O Fortuna is popular for its climactic rhythm ergo its use in many movies.

Check out other Religious works too, like the different Ave Marias, Haydn's Te Deum, and the like. For a representative sample check out modern performers, like Andrea Bocelli's "Sacred Arias" and Charlotte Church. "The Prayer", while is a modern composition, is a really good song, and my favourite permance is the one by Bocelli and Dion.

THis may not be a modern "Classical" song by many people's standards, but the vocal work on "Canto Alla Vita" by Josh Groban and The Corrs is, while not as good as Bocelli, is enchanting, something you might want to listen to with a good soundsystem, then sit back and sip some tea.

As for the Classics, Id suggest certain books/essays to go along with those: St. Augustine's "City of God", Rosseau's "The Social Contract", "Emmanuel Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason" and "Perpetual Peace", Nieztche's "Der Wille Zur Macht" and "Genealogy of Morals", Hegel's "Philosophy of Right", Heidegger's "Being and Time". ;)


Mozart and Beethoven are quite easy to enjoy. Not that deep actually.  I enjoy Mozart's concerto's



Start your Classical experience with Beethoven's Violin Concierto. Chopin's Piano Concerto and Mozart. For the lighter side naman, go for Bach's collection.

Try looking for Jim Chappell's album, these are heart warming piano collections that will surely awaken your soul.  ;D

Sweet Lover

Quote from: sonic boom on May 18, 2005, 02:37:03 am
Beethoven, Strauss, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, etc....

sa modern-era classical music naman:
Stanz Getz (he composed "Girl From Ipanema"), Liberace, Vannessa Mae, Yanni

aha! good choices! yanni's music is easy to appreciate compared to those of beethoven and mozart. however i would say that listeing further to beethoven and mozart is like satisfaction guaranteed!

dont foget to include vivaldi, handel, enya and josh groban. you might also try celtic woman, theyre all in limewire


Canon or famously know as Canon in D major by Pachelbel... ain't no one gona beat that.

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Ride of the Valkyries ni Richard Wagner.  or yung Air in G String ni Bach.  Sulit din yung mga Seasons ni Vivaldi.  Tchaikovsky ok din.  Yung Fantasia at Fantasia 2000 ng Disney is a good place to start.  


Master Classical Music: CD/AC-3

Strauss Vol 4
Vivaldi Vol 7
Mozart Vol 1
Tchaikovsky Vol 6
Bach Vol 3
Beethoven Vol 2

But I prefer the AC-3 format

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Beethoven's symphony no. 9 2nd movement molto vivace, Beethoven's symphony no.5 first movement conducted by Herbert Von Karajan with The Berlin Philharmonic. The 1812 overture by pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky.

alberta ford

you can try yani also


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