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Do's, Don'ts and FAQ's

Started by speedyfix, January 27, 2004, 05:55:52 PM

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hopefully this is of some help in reducing the number of repeated threads on the board  ;D


1. Do invest on a good brand of lowering spring
   Don't clamp, heat or cut your stock coils
2. Upgrade to a set of KYB (or other brand) gas shock for spirited driving
   Upgrade to high performance shocks (koni, bilstein) if you will be using the car on the track
3. Tukod is a matter of style but handling may be twitchy on normal roads because of increased height in the rear.
4. When you hear one noise in the suspension, fix it before kumalat. Suspension damage has a rippling effect and once one thing gets busted the rest are probably soon to follow.

1. 4-1 headers are primarily for top end power (high rpm)
2. 4-2-1 headers will give better power in the low to middle rpm band
3. mandrel bent anything is better than crush bends
4. piping size depends on the displacement and mods you do to your engine. Consult exhaust specialists (ERL, Freeemuff, etc) for the correct piping diameter for your car.
5. chambered mufflers are quieter than straight through designs but may be more restrictive
6. scab can be used for race or for daily driving depending on the resonators and the tolerance of your ear drums.
7. Noises are hard to describe on the net. Try and bring it to a mechanic to have it checked by them but please do get a second opinion. If the 2 opinions concur, have it done at whatever shop you feel more comfortable with, or that gives you the best value for money.
8. performance modifications do not always increase the performance. when upgrading your engine it is important to chose the correct parts that will compliment each other. (i.e. pick the correct cams for your computer profile. )
9. Turbos are not high-maintenance if the kit is designed well. they are expensive.
10. building a strong all motor engine will most likely be more expensive than building a turbo engine that can make the same power.

1. High tension wires are all but useless in the most souped up rides.
2. High tension wires are mostly for aesthetics so chose the color wisely
3. blaster coils don't do much either
4. iridium, 4 tip and other fancy shmansy spark plugs work if you have a modified engine (more than just the IHE). otherwise, stick with stock plugs and replace them periodically.
5. spark plugs are cheap, replacing them improves the cars performance, gasoline milage and response

1. Oil lasts 5-10T kms or longer depending on your use. Change mineral oil more often than semi synthetic and fully synthetic.
2. spirited/track driving necessitates synthetic oil. normal engines with normal driving characteristics will make do on regular oil
3. check the viscosity of the oil recommended by your manufacturer. try and use something like this or at least very similar to it.
4. check the color and smell of the oil. if it's super black and smells burnt then it's probably time to replace it already

Tires & mags
1. do get the correct offset for your car.
2. don't get tires that are 2 wide
3. ad07's and azenis sport are currently the best all around tires on the market in terms of grip and durability
4. learn to read the tire info on the side as to the treadware rating, speed rating etc, this will give you info as to how the tire will perform. www.tirerack.com is always a good source of info.

that's it for now :)
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may I suggest to the moderators and admins that this thread be made a sticky one.  :)


I second that ;) Thanks Speedyfix!


dag dag lang ako

kapag nagover heat ang car, dont stop the engine fill in new water and start, always put in cold water when the enigne is running to veer away from a cracked block.hth
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Mucho thanks to Mr. speedyfix for taking time to make this very informative thread!!! :D :D :D

Eikichi Onizuka

See you soon guys!!!


very well said, migs. thanks pre.



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Maraming salamat sa info. May I suggest na consolidate natin lahat ng ganitong info at organize natin per specific topic then up natin sa web. Ok lang ba?

Maraming salamat uli.

Jano ::) :) :)


zero_cfm, yup for turbo go with iridiums :) be sure to chose the right heat rannge tho. usually 7 (ik22) or 8(ik24) :)

thanks guys! it was a particularly boring day in the office kaya i decided to do this. hehe! ;D

please feel free to add to it then we can consolidate all of the info at a later date when it's complete or close to complete na  ;D
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Checked the website of Denso Iridium one time and found out that IK20 spark plugs are the plugs that can be used on the 4G63T. :)


Ayos to Migs!

Keep them coming ;)
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