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Do's, Don'ts and FAQ's

Started by speedyfix, January 27, 2004, 11:55:52 am

« I just need a little help here guys about my 3" inlet muffler. | BASIC PERFORMANCE MODIFICATIONS »


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nicely done...most of all pag may sira just get in touch with speedy..oppss may ads na hehehe ;D


very informative naman to sir...its nice that there are people in this board that show concern and iforms us very well salamt sir..
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May i add that You always use distilled water for your radiator and washer. This prevents mineral deposits from building up inside the radiator and washer system. Worst is if you use deep well water. Always add coolant to your radiator to prevent rusts from building up also.


Matagal-tagal na yung thread na ito, but thanks, Migs, for this very helpful thread.

It pretty much covers the basics.

One thing I did miss out on is aftermarket Air Intake Kits (K&N, Simota, HKS, and the like).  What can people realistically expect from these?

1. Practicality, in terms of reusability.  Check.
2. Marginal power gains.  Check.
3. "Enhanced" engine sound. Check.

A. BUT, how do these affect fuel consumption, ASSUMING no change in driving style.

B. AND, how do these affect engine performance, in terms of smoothness and stability?

C. ALSO, how do these affect engine durability and reliability in the long run?

D. LASTLY, are there any real differences, aside from branding, between these kits?

I hope this info will be helpful to others as well.



my answers:

A. i have yet to see a person install performance mods (like a filter) without changing the way they drive. normally they step on it more just to hear the sound:) assuming they do not drive faster, consumption should not change drastically.

B. it should not affect the engine. smoother pa since you have a freer flowing intake path.

C. depends on the filter. if it's good dapat wala. pero most aftermarket filters will tend to make the intake dirtier so cleaning the TB and manifold should be done more often.

D. yes, not all filters are created equal. you have paper, foam, metal and maybe some other materials which the element is made of. you also have different filtering capabilities which tells you how much dirt/air they let in.

look for feedback then decide accordingly:)


Dagdag din...

Do it right the first time... The money you'll save from labor of doing things again and purchasing the correct part due to the mistake of the first should be more than enough reason to save up for the proper upgrade.

Mahirap sa mga mechanics/shop to troubleshoot or trace a problem if puros band-aid remedyo at "pwede na" upgrade/repairs.
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hey speedyfix, i like your tip no 1. i already got ripped off recently when this prick sold me a set of supot coilovers. i should have read your tips before i bought. anyways, may araw din yung gagong yun! hahahaha


Quote from: LouieLouie on May 19, 2006, 10:48:58 am
hey speedyfix, i like your tip no 1. i already got ripped off recently when this prick sold me a set of supot coilovers. i should have read your tips before i bought. anyways, may araw din yung gagong yun! hahahaha

hahaha! i refuse to reply to this. hehehe! ;D


nice info you have Migs!!!  ;D


Migs: Just finished reading the whole thread..  This is so helpful. Thanks for spending time typing this. ;D
I have a question pa din...  ;)

- What can you do with a piston type carburator? the one in a 1.5 Lancer GLX. can it be modified (simul?)  like we used to do in the old carbs.

Thnaks so much for the patience.   :D
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redlyts07, glad you liked it :)

Mikey23, dude i'm not really the guy to go to for carbs... so sorry! i think simul tho won't be a problem plus increasing the jeting size. syempre you will have problems with fuel milage and tuning the carb if you do this...


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