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Driving Music

Started by CE, September 25, 2004, 08:21:18 PM

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Guys, what music (or station) do you listen to while driving either here or abroad? For me, its as follows...

1. I listened to Bobby Caldwell and Rippingtons while driving up to the grand canyon and sedona from phoenix
2. I always played the new PAT METHENY GROUP CD "SPEAKING OF NOW" while driving along toronto's freeways. I also put in Earl Klugh for the smooth drive home.
3. Always tuned to KKSF-FM while driving along the bay bridge and hwy.101
4. Going from toronto to detroit, I listened to the WeatherReport and PMG's Imaginary Day over and over again. Made me drive to detroit 2 and a half hours early from the usual 5 hour drive hahaha
5. Here in metro manila while stuck in madness, I used to listen to Citylite 88.3FM and now at 105.1FM. Keeps me relaxed even in tense situations. Hahahaha ;D


initial d soundtrack all d way.. vroom vroom.. hehehehe

pag frida/sat: 89.9 - party
pag medyo corny mood: 101.1 hehehe
everyday.. 97.1

pag me bagyo, coup o kung ano pa mang kaguluhan.. DZMM...


1. My Stereo Sushi Series and other deeep chillhouse tunes
2. Mixed Tape by Mercedes Benz ;D
3. Party on Weekends and The Blue Room on 89.1 ;D (Saturdays, 7 onwards I think ;D )
4. 89.1 or 89.9 for my drive everyday to work
5. 89.1 and Dream FM 106.7 (I love the selection of music) on my drive everyday from work ;D


for weekdays drive to and from office...either 89.9 or 93.1

for long drives...i my cds...normally the ones i burn for my self...mostly pop, rnb, trance, house etc.


initial D or NFSU soundtrack..

or pwede rin mga house music..



96.3 WRock

94.7 LSFM

wala lang nasanay na ko sa mga type of music nila eh.


when it comes to long drives....listening to SWING OUT SISTER, SADE and STING  selections are quite okay....


When it comes to listening while driving I go for:

1.trance -pag midnight para nakakagising
2.dreamsounds 2 -expressways
3.r&b/hip-hop -school or tambayan
4.motown,new wave -long trip
5. 89.9/89.1 -pag malalapit lang pupuntahan ;D


morning - 89.9
noon til afternoon - 96.3 pampatulog hehehe
night - the new hip hop stuff
kapag nakainom - rave trance techno house ;D


Race Management and Engineering


Team Rage (Racers, Audiophiles, GEntlemen)


88.3 - daily (exc. as scheduled below ;D) choice
89.1 - saturday nights
89.9 - fridays! 8)
95.5 - sunsets (hahaha...there's a part of me na...baduy!)
107.5 - every now & then  :o

1 bit

pag morning sa magic 89.9 the doghouse! the best!

Protege Mania

Specific Songs, here are my Top 10:

Driving Medium Speed to Highway Speed or need to wake up
1. Metropolis (Dream Theatre)
2. Fuel (Metallica)
3. Freak-a-Leak (Petey Pablo)
4. Operation Blade (Phat Bass)
5. Yeah (Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris)
6. Licking Cream (Sevendust)

Driving in Manila Hell, Relaxed Long Drive
1. Lough Erin Shore (The Corrs, any other instrumental or Violin-heavy tracks)
2. Requiem (Mozart)
3. Con te Partiro (Andrea Bocelli)
4. Follow You Down (Gin Blossoms)