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Started by R-A-Y, March 14, 2005, 05:01:51 PM

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Does anyone have information if turbodiesels can be fitted with BOVs?
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Just a question re. BOV spring tensions, what are the consequences of tightening/loosening them? ???


i have a dilemma in choosing which BOV to use and which is better, HKS SSQV 2 or Greddy type RS ???


go for the hks ssqv or blitz supersound


giant killer

Quote from: lantraluvr on September 09, 2007, 11:59:27 AM
Does anyone have information if turbodiesels can be fitted with BOVs?

kung ang diesel engine ay may throttle body (efi) you can use any BOV...pero kung walang t.body or kung old skul diesel engine edi pressure regulator lang ang ikabit para tumaas ang boost...


I think Speedlab has BOV's for Turbo diesels

Chino De Dios

Awesome thread! I have a question though. I am using a 4G93T engine, and I am having some issues on the idling. It also shuts off the engine when I don't step on the accelerator especially at cold start. One friend told me to get my BOV to recirculating setup. I am using a Blitz SS BOV.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!