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..:: UAAP Season 68 ::..

Started by Chi, July 17, 2005, 07:32:15 am

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Remember how some teams questioned Mark Cardona's eligibility during his rookie year? After the Manny Salgado "batok" incident, now this...just too bad for DLSU....

Read on: http://atenista.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4586


Wonder what La Salle has to say about this? Any links to their user forums?


wishful thinking pero sana replay final four

3 UE
4 UP




got some problems with the registrars now have they? dapat mapatalsik sa pwesto yun mga nahuling nagfabricate ng documents.

IMO benitez wasn't much of a factor naman in games eh, how much is he averaging? 3 pts per game? having him out won't hurt the team. if he's ineligible, kick him out.  im not saying that if MVP ka bawal ka masipa, but i'm trying to look at it in a positive point of view na wala naman mawawala pag nawala si benitez but any player regardless of skill shouldn't be allowed to play if peke documents niya.

hindi naman sinasadya ng lasalle na may nakalusot eh na pineke nila documents ni benitez para makapasok. it doesn't make sense to me if they would do such thing and admit it later on. si arwind santos was supposed to play for dlsu pero rineject siya ng school because of his previous stint in some provincial league. if dlsu purposely falsify documents eh di dapat ginawa na nila yun kay santos at hindi kay benitez. they were trying to avoid another macmac issue and another "ineligibility" issue with arwind, but i guess they got it in benitez this time. too bad. tsktsk..
We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.


all this fuss over mark benitez! tulad nga ng sinabi niyo, d naman sya gumagawa ng malupet nung naglalaro pa sya. kung sino man nandaya, sana pinangdaya niyo na lang sa better player  :)


i think dlsu is merely practicing delicadeza...  which is very admirable... kahit sabihin ba natin di masyadong malaking factor si benitez sa mga games


rules are rules.....Benitez being a non-factor during the games he played, still, shouldn't undermine the core values within the UAAP rules.
It's like cheating...whether you cheat in a quiz or in an exam, it doesn't matter. Cheating is cheating....same thing with falsifying documents. Whether it's the documents of a blue-chip player or not, fact still remains that falsification of documents took place.


Why am I not surprised?  ::)

Cardona also under fire in La Salle fiasco

By JOEL ORELLANA, The Manila Times Reporter

If the reports are true, De La Salle University should not only return its 2004 University Athletic Association of the Philippines men's basketball title, but its 2001 crown as well.

A highly reliable source told Sports Times that Mark Cardona's entry in the Green Archers four years ago is now being questioned since his Philippine Educational Placement Test Certificate of Rating (PEPTRC) was also reported to be spurious.

The source, who requested anonymity, also said the people who allegedly helped Cardona gained the tampered PEPTRC were the same persons who fixed the papers of Mark Benitez and Tim Gatchalian, whose certificates from the Department of Education were also suspected to be forged.

Cardona, now playing in the Philippine Basketball Association for Talk 'N Text, was a major part of La Salle's 2001 title season in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines against archrival Ateneo de Manila University, a feat that completed the Green Archers' rare "four-peat."

He also won Rookie of the Year honors that season and played three more seasons, helping the team win the 2004 UAAP title before deciding to forgo his remaining year of eligibility to join the PBA draft this summer.

"Cardona tried out for NU (National University) in 2000 and the coach liked him, but when he was asked to show a high school diploma, he disappeared," the source said.

NU Bulldogs mentor Manny Dandan confirmed this, saying he even knows that Cardona--called "Captain Hook" in basketball circles--did not pass the PEPTCR test on his first try.

It could not be confirmed if the 6-foot-1 guard with the unusual jump shot tried to or failed to take a second test, which gives a person the equivalent of a high-school diploma.

"We wanted to get him, but he failed the PEP test. How could that happen?" said Dandan, adding that Cardona did try out for two weeks but never showed up again when asked to produce the document.

According to the source, the people behind the scam are a former member of La Salle's coaching staff and the team's liaison officer, but he refused to divulge their names since La Salle is currently investigating the controversy.

"That former member of the coaching staff has close contacts in the DepEd. They know the fixers there," the source added.

The former member of La Salle's coaching staff is now part of the coaching crew of one UAAP school, the source said.

Curiously, Benitez, Gatchalian and Cardona all played for Jose Rizal University's juniors team in the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

According to an insider at the Department of Education, Cardona's PEPTRC is now under scrutiny following La Salle's own expose last week that one of its players had faked his PEPTCR to enter college.

Newspaper reports (not in the Times) and Internet forums earlier identified Benitez and later Gatchalian.

La Salle officials were supposed to make an announcement on the investigation on the first player on Friday, but on Tuesday they learned that a former player of its team who suited up in the 2004 season--identified in news and Internet reports as Gatchalian--was also being questioned for the same case.

Now that a third Archer is under siege, the school's investigation will need more time as more individuals are being linked to the controversy.

The controversy has forced the DepEd to look deeper into the issue, finding out that nine other students also took the same route Benitez did in being admitted into college.

Although the DepEd refused to name the other students, Sports Times learned that two NCAA schools and another in the UAAP had students with spurious PEP certificates.

It cannot be confirmed if these are student-athletes or just regular students.


On the Arwind Santos issue..

UP protested Arwind's eligibility raising that he played in a Cebu-based commericial league. However, Arwind was eventually cleared by the UAAP board after it was found that he was not financed by the team nor anybody associated with it.

Of course we all know what Arwind has achieved in the next three years after his rookie season. ;D


This is really bad.  :-[

Wonder when the other schools will be exposed?


From: http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2005/nov/05/yehey/sports/20051105spo1.html

La Salle looks for new coach

Pumaren out as Archers head coach; Villavicencio a candidate

By Joel Orellana, Reporter

THE hunt for Franz Pumaren's replacement has begun.

Based on the letter of De La Salle University executive vice president Dr. Carmelita Quebengco to the school community, the Pumaren era with Green Archers can now be considered history.

La Salle has formed a search committee to look for a new head coach for the Archers, as the school makes drastic changes to its whole sports program--including a major revamp of the coaching staff of its men and women's basketball teams.

The overhaul is part of the fallout of La Salle's admission that it used two ineligible players on the Archers team that won the 2004 University Athletics Association of the Philippines men's basketball championship and placed second this year to Far Eastern University.

La Salle has offered to forfeit its men's title last year and the runner-up trophy this year after it discovered that Mark Benitez and Tim Gatchalian used spurious documents to enter the university in 2001, in effect disqualifying them from playing in the league.

In her letter, Quebengco stressed the school would return the Season 67 UAAP men's basketball trophy, seek the assistance of the appropriate investigating authorities and institute changes in admission policies.

But an interesting portion of the letter detailed the formation of a committee that will recommend changes to La Salle's sports policy and personnel, including the coaching staff.

A source confirmed to Sports Times that Pumaren was relieved from his post the night following La Salle's press conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel regarding its two ineligible players, Benitez and Gatchalian.

The source added that La Salle did not renew the services of Mon Jose, a former Green Archer, as head coach of the women's team. Among those being eyed for the Lady Archers slot is D'jalma Arnedo, a one-time assistant of Jong Uichico on the Archers in the 1997 UAAP season.

A candidate for the post is Virgil Villavicencio, a staunch supporter of the school who handled the Green Archers from 1993 to 1995, leading the team to runner-up finishes in each year, all to the University of Santo Tomas.

Villavicencio 's last basketball stint was with the Talk 'N Text squad in the Philippine Basketball Association, where he served as one of Joel Banal's assistants.

There are others being considered, including a pair of La Salle alumni, but the source said Villavicencio has expressed willingness to come back to the team.

The new Green Archers head coach might wait for a while before proving his worth in the UAAP, as Quebengco admitted in the letter the school is considering taking a leave of absence from the league for the rest of the current season as well as next year to institute the internal reforms.

The school has yet to formally announce the firing of Pumaren--it also did not elaborate on it in its October 26 press conference--but hinted there will be a major overhaul of its sports program.

Pumaren, who entered La Salle in 1998 and immediately turned the team into a championship contender, signed a 3-year contract with the Green Archers last year.

He led the team to four straight crowns from 1998 to 2001 before losing to Ateneo de Manila University in 2002. He missed the UAAP finals for the first time in 2003, but came back the following year and beat Far Eastern in a classic three-game finale.

Unfortunately, his fifth crown with La Salle will be nullified, as school officials admitted they fielded in Benitez and Gat-chalian in that season.

Aside from that, according to Quebengco in the DLSU website announcement section that DLSU is considering going on leave this year and probably next year so as to continue cleaning up the mess the scandal made. So it looks like this is the start of a long and painful journey to undergo general house cleaning and purge all bad eggs within the school. Pero, based on the article di pa fully confirmed kung wala na talaga si Pumaren. Anyway, sana the 7 other schools would also look at their sports programs para kung may mali, maagapan agad at i-correct.


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