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Tough Dog vs OME

Started by IMm29, September 12, 2005, 03:24:17 am

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Hi guys,

Any feedback/reviews on Tough Dog shock absorbers? A friend of mine is planning to replace his GU Patrol's stock shocks with either OMEs or Tough Dogs. According to the shop selling the shocks to him, they've stopped selling OMEs in favor of Tough Dogs coz the latter provides much better shock absorption/ride compared to the former. Care to shed some light on this? The price diff is about P15K (P40K Tough Dog; P25K OME).


The Devil Drives Prado


WOW!40k for the shocks only? :o


Yup, just the shocks. Sabi nung nagbebenta, kung yung OME nakapagtanggal ng 60% nung tagtag nung Patrol, yung Tough Dog nakapagtanggal ng 90-100% nung tagtag nung Patrol. In short, a more comfortable ride, even when compared to OME.

Sales talk? Possibly. Kinda hard to prove it by gambling with P15K.


wow!i think thats too much already,id still prefer bilsteins,im really happy with how it performs,and why would you get an SUV if you wanted a car like ride...and still i doubt it if it will really improve the ride of an SUV that much. :) :)..baka sales talk lang yun..although if you can afford a patrol,then i think 40k is not that expensive. :)


Thanks nikko_m. I've also read elsewhere that the TDs might be an overkill for city/on-road driving applications. I also find the P40K to be too much. Told my friend to go with OMEs. Will have him try inquiring about Bilsteins as well.  :)


dont limit your choices,check out other brands also like pro comps,tjm,rancho's and dobinsons to name a few,depends on the application,still havnt tried OME's,but i heard there also good,especially when you get the entire lift up kit.

Ar - Ar

Sobra naman mahal nyan, shocks lng ang mahal na. . .

Kng ako yan ibibili ko na lng mags ko. . . hehehe. . . gwapo pa. . . Peace. . .

Pare try mo Rancho. . . Ok lng ganda ng ride. . . Yan ang gamit namin sa Vitara in offroad set-up ng brother ko & sa Wrangler in offrad set-up din ng dad ko. . .

Darth Paul

Sobrang mahal naman nung 40K. IMO, any shock absorbers na itatapat mo sa OME will definitely be plusher...pit Tough Dog against OME - syempre mash plush yung ride na ibibigay ng Tough Dog...Pit Tough Dog against Rancho or Bilstein...dun mas maganda yung laban (don't get me wrong, I'm not against OME - OME is a good shock absorber, but as I mentioned, mas harsh yung ride nya). Rancho RS9000X is adjustable (9 settings) at P6,250.00 per, Bilsteins at P6,500.00. Pro Comp MX6 (adjustable gas shocks) doesn't have shocks for the GU.

IMHO Rancho will be a better alternative if you consider the price.



Hi guys,

Thanks for all the inputs. It made me think about my decision to invest in OME shocks for my Prado a few months ago. Anyways, this thread is now a moot point coz my friend decided to go with the Tough Dogs instead of try the other (cheaper but more value for money) options. Will just give you guys feedback on how the Patrol is with the TDs.


My friend is raving about his TDs. Wala nang tagtag. Not wallowy as the older Expedition, pero di na matagtag. His Mom is the happiest coz she uses it most of the time and she sits at the back. Haven't personally tried it tho.


is the quoted price for tough dog para sa front and rear na?


Yup, P40K for the front and rear shocks of the GU Patrol.


sir kanino pde kumuha tough dog n mura....


wow the last time i replied to this thread was 10 years ago.....

anyway..,for what vehicle petronasdakar?


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