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Everest Replacement: The Equator

Started by -cardo-, September 30, 2005, 04:33:29 PM

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For yall tired waiting in line for the Fortuner.. Aint she purty?  :grin:

Ford Travels East With the "Equator" SUV
Date Posted 09-29-2005

TOKYO — Ford will use the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil its new sport-utility, the Equator. The basic SUV will be aimed at the Asian market.

Ford currently offers a Ranger-based SUV, called the Everest (Endeavor in India), in various Asian markets, including Thailand. Recently, Isuzu and Toyota stepped up their efforts in the ever growing pickup truck and pickup-based SUV markets, which prompted this response from Ford.

Based on the first sketch, released Wednesday, the Equator will have more contemporary looks. The SUV is powered by a 3.0-liter, V6 engine and has an "intelligent" four-wheel-drive system.

Ford is resurrecting the Equator name from 2000, when the moniker was used on an F-150-based sport-utility truck.


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the driver

 What is the price ? If it's around 1.2-1.3M ok yan.
 Is this Diesel, most likely it is a Gas.

 Any real pics?

 The only way Toyota will behave is to have a good alternative and competitor for the Fortuner.
" Each day we either get better or worse.
                 The choice is OURS ! "


I don't like the name.  but I wonder what Ford has up its sleeve in order to counter Toyota's Fortuner. ::)


i like the curves.sna ilabas din d2 sa u.s.a a way medyo hawig ng konti sa lincoln aviator yung sides nya. :) ;)


from where i'm sitting what ford has is still a drawing. so kahit na pumila ako for a fortuner now mauuna pa lumabas yung fortuner bago yan. ;D

but from the drawing it looks good. but imo, it's coming to the party too late.


Looks like the old CR-V na pinormahan ng A-TOY..matatagalan pa yan  ;)


Of course futuristic looking cars always look great on paper and watercolor ;D

Although looks like Ford seems to be focusing on the Asian market more than before

rota wheels wrx

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