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Suzuki Raider 150 vs. Honda CBR 150

Started by lucky_jo04102, August 18, 2006, 06:44:28 PM

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Guys and girls on two-wheels, which is the better buy of these two? A friend of mine asked me and I can't give him anything about the CBR150. A comparison of specs would be helpful...

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its very simple..raider150 is an underbone with a big engine while cbr150 is a sport bike with small engine.mas mabilis ang cbr..unfair advantage kasi sport bike nga...pero mas mahal naman about 150k ata. raider about 82-85k depende sa dealer..


It depends kung saan gagamitin, If everyday use or sunday rides and it depends if your friend has a deep pocket, If i have to choose between the two I would choose the CBR150 It is definitely a head turner marami na kasi ang naka R150 and di ka mapapahiya sa speed nito but consider a factor that you have to import parts pag nasiraan ka


as per last inquiry (which was last monday) that i made at a caloocan store which imports the cbr150 independently, they have parts for the units that they bring in spares.


the cbr just looks kewl...
jolet jao used it in
astig ang porma for a 150cc bike...

told my friend raider muna sya kasi city riding ang scene nya.
" hope you like what I've done to the place..."


raider muna sabi ko sa riding kasi

thanks peeps.

pero astig and porma ng CBR 150.
antindi ng arrive
" hope you like what I've done to the place..."


yup2, the triumph marketing ang nagadadala ng sonic 125 at cbr 150..... basta honga parts wala kayong problema sa sapre parts nito......

mabilis umalis ang cbr 150 than raider 150..hehehe

kita ko yan madalas sa sreet racres sa bulacan sympre illegal....bwehehe hwg gayahin.....ok?
auv trenz club
toyota revo club of the philippines


ask ko lang kung anu maganda ilagay sa raider 15
Para mas bumilis? Except for bore and port polish

Maki add nadin ang price.. As of now andto co sa us.. And pag uwe co id like to set my bike..

Anu maganda cdi for raider 150?


you should know first kung saan gagamitin... :)


No question, Suzuki Raider 150 I'll pick this without any second guessing...


the menace

When I moved here from the U.S. in April of '08, I looked to buy a motorbike. Everyone here directed me to the Yamaha Sniper 135cc. To my surprise it had a radiator (liquid cooling). That's why they pointed me in that direction. Liquid cooled engines will far outlast the air-cool breed of bikes. I recently looked at the Honda CBR 150. It also has liquid cooling, which I believe to be a big plus, especially in these small engines. When you are sitting on a bike in snail-type traffic the liquid cooled engines are much better. I've also looked at the Suzuki Raider 150. I like what I see, but I'm still waiting for a liquid-cooled engine. I would probably go with the Honda CBR 150, which will top out at around 135 MPH with a few minor changes.


if i had the cash i'd go for the yamaha r125 or cbr 125 both r injected and h2o cooled! all u have 2 do is sit down and twist!


CBR ako,unique kase konti pa lang ang meron ,napapalingon talaga ako pag nakakakita nito :thumbsup:


CBR for me coz it's Honda! but i want to try R150 din.  :)

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