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night shots on gen1 crv

Started by zoids, October 16, 2007, 12:26:04 AM

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few more night shots from my retro . . . pardon for the a bit blur pics . . . will use tripod next time

lo beams  . . . this was taken on the way up the subd. towards the house

hi beams

lo beams again . . . taken in the other street, going down from the house . . .



is it just my monitor... or my eyes??? ::)
And ganda ng projection... pero parang ang may ilalakas pa sana ang HID kit nyan. ano nga ang ballst and... D2S na gamit mo??

At any rate... :occasion14: :wav: :cheer:
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Nice zoids!  ;) But I don't think these pictures do your retro justice. Maybe you can increase the exposure and ISO a notch... And yes it would be better if you use a tripod. Just my .02...  :occasion14:


Nice and clean beam, but yeah, the picture is not doing the projectors justice. They just look like halogens.

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IMm29, xquisit,

agree that i got the wrong exposure . . . anyway, i'm still looking for a real wide space so i could take a better picture . . with a tripod this time :thumbsup:


i'm still using my old conversion kit ballast and the bulbs are 4300k philips (R) and osram (L)  ???. . . the philips is brighter that's why i ordered another 1 and a new pair of 85122+ from ebay. . . shipment will be arriving soon . . .