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It's More Fun in the Philippines

Started by Brent, January 06, 2012, 04:58:23 pm

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Quote from: R-A-Y on January 23, 2012, 08:11:49 pm
Ako I think it show promise :) It never was meant to be the most creative and the most original of lines. It seems to answer the most fundamental of questions "Why should I visit the Philippines?"

Like what the DOT secretary said: It is deceptively so simple and the trait is inherent in our culture.

I agree with him totally on this. The insights are pretty good and to be honest, the simple wordings can easily connect and be understood by any nationality who wishes to know more about the Philippines.

True we may have some shortcomings in terms of security and government stability, but that does not mean we cannot promote what good we have here. I hear a lot of people say "fix this shit first etc..." If that's the case, then any country with domestic problems (ex.: teenage shooting sprees in high school classrooms or old people naturally urinating in elevators) should not promote their country to begin with. I say we give it a chance and us as Filipinos, find creative ways to further the program through our own pictures and ideas on waht makes it more fun in the Philippines :D

true. the problem kasi with most filipinos is that kapag walang ginagawa ang government, mag rereklamo. kapag may ginawa ang government, daming "dapat ganito, dapat ganyan". ang daming marunong kasi. hehe.

Leo C.

That's why we need a benevolent dictator as a leader para wala na mag reklamo. Proven na yan sa Singapore.


It's more FUN in the Philippines:


Leo C.


Quote from: ronaldo on January 27, 2012, 07:17:48 am
It's more FUN in the Philippines:


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Quote from: El on January 07, 2012, 03:16:53 pm
better than the one it replaced... pilipinas kay ganda(?)

I agree. And it's true in a way since there are a lot of things thats fun to do here in the Philippines that you won't find elsewhere.  :asian:


been seeing photos of the ads in different countries and i guess it has helped spread the word and invited more tourists to the country.


It's nice to be back in the Phillipines! :cheer:
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I was able to talk to some foreigners and they seem to agree with the slogan. They find it exciting here, guess it works. No country is perfect and each person's mileage may vary.


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